Wear Your Secret Deodorant and Win a Fifteen Thousand Dollar Diamond

What two things come to mind when you hear the word “flawless”? Well naturally “Secret Flawless™” and “flawless diamonds”. And if you still do not understand, then let me explain. Most of you in the US and Canada know the commercial where the girl walks through the streets with her arms in the air touting the reasons to wear Secret’s new Flawless deodorant. It is a catchy little ad that is hard to resist.

In order to promote the product further, Secret has announced that with the purchase of specially marked packages of Secret Flawless™, there will be chances to win prizes that include a brilliant and spectacular one carat flawless diamond worth fifteen thousand US dollars. Sorry Canada, apparently the contest is only being offered to US residents.

To find a prize, you buy Secret Flawless™ in a selection from five fragrances as well as unscented or follow the “no purchase” instructions available online. Once you have your secret code from the back of the label, enter your information into the website and play a game to find out if you are a winner. Prizes will include movie tickets, shopping sprees, diamonds, dinners and other prizes. The contest runs until June 2009 so there is plenty of time to obtain your code.

And the most exciting part of the contest, if your deodorant stick is a diamond winner, it will contain a piece of “fake bling” hiding inside!

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