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Jane Taylor Jewelry: Check It Out!


So when I was looking up jewelry for this blog, what I realized is that so many designers now-a-day are all about complicating jewelry.  Honestly, I think that jewelry should be completely and totally uncomplicated and simple and that is exactly what Jane Taylor does in her jewelry designs.

Not only is her jewelry incredible looking, but honestly, her jewelry is some of the simplest looking jewelry but it is also extremely popular and definitely worth checking out.

One thing I love about simple jewelry is that you do not need any other accessory when you have just a floating diamond on or just a ring with a single gemstone in it.  That is what Jane Taylor’s jewelry line is all about.  So if you are looking for simple jewelry that is not complicated at all, you should check her line out – I promise that you will love it!


02 2009

The Star Sapphire: Simply The Best!


So really, when I first saw this ring, it blew me away!  Not only do I love the detail on the ring itself, but the stone is absolutely breathtaking and certainly one of the best looking stones in the world!  Now, you are probably wondering what the difference between the star sapphire and a regular sapphire is.  Well folks, the difference is that glowing from inside the stone.

Do you see how hazy the stone looks and it almost looks as if it is glowing from the inside out?  Well, that is the difference.  That and the clarity, as most regular sapphires, you can see right through it for the most part, this one is cloudy and definitely a little more milky than the regular sapphire.

So if you are looking for something that is different – completely different, you should definitely check out the star sapphire, it looks just like a twinkling star from the sky on your finger!


02 2009

Versace: Check Out These Cufflinks!


I’ve been thinking and I think that Versace for me has definitely gone downhill and they certainly have put themselves on the back burner for quite a while.  I was a huge Versace fan for quite a while and then, when I was doing research for this blog, I simply could not even come up with anymore designers until I saw an add for Versace, it seems like they have just faded away into the background – until they came out with these amazing cufflinks!

Personally, I never really saw the point of cufflinks, but now – now I can see it and I definitely think that Versace has outdone themselves with these little beauties.  I think that the diamond in the middle, the logo wrapping around the bottom and of course the fact that they are so brilliant looking and stylish pull the entire look together!

So guys, if you are interested in spicing up your style a little bit and getting into some fashion design, you should definitely pick up these awesome looking Versace cufflinks!


02 2009

Christian Dior: The Jewelry!

So I have to say that personally, I think Christian Dior is definitely one of the greatest designers in the world.  Not only do I absolutely love everything about his collections of clothing, but I love the hand bags and of course all of the shoes that he has come out with.  When I realized that I had not ever seen any jewelry by Christian Dior, I decided to look it up!

Honestly, Christian Dior is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful jewelry I have ever seen.  Not only is this one amazing piece one of my favorites, but he has everything available from rings, bracelets and ever toe rings!  Honestly, and of course you know that you are going to be getting quality when you purchase something that has Dior’s name on it!

So if you are looking for style, quality and just all around a beautiful piece of jewelry, you definitely need to pick up a piece of Christian Dior – I can promise that you’ll love it!


02 2009

Pearls: They Are Definitely In!


One of the greatest things about pearls is the fact that they go with anything at all.  Take this pearl necklace for instance, it looks amazing and you can throw it on with anything!  Whether you are going out on a date and want to look amazing or you are just lounging around at home yet still want to have a little bit of sparkle on your neck!

Pearls this year are all the rave, they seem to be popping up everywhere from the celebrities necks all the way to the runway and if you happen to see this perfect little pearl, you may realize just why.  This necklace is breathtakingly beautiful and I don’t even like pearls!

So if you are looking to fit in this year in the way of jewelry, you should definitely crack out those pearls or get your hands on something like this, they are going fast ladies so you better get ‘em!


02 2009

Charm Bracelets: They Are Definitely All The Fashion!

When it comes to fashion, it is pretty obvious that it is ever-changing and constantly updating.  One thing that I’ve noticed that is completely timeless is the charm bracelet.  Whether the charms are silver, gold or diamond, it doesn’t matter, the entire theme of the charm bracelet itself is so timeless and it will never change!  One of the coolest things I think about charm bracelets is building up all of the charms.

Remember when you were a child and you were given your very first charm bracelet and you were told that now you had to collect all of the charms to make the entire bracelet full?  Wasn’t that an exciting adventure?  You got to pick up charms from all sorts of places?  Well, I remember it and honestly, that was a brilliant idea and when I was a child it was so much fun!

Now, you are an adult and they have created charm bracelets for the kid inside of you!  Take a look at the picture, it is a charm bracelet just one all put together!


02 2009

Open Wide and Say “Ohm!”


Yet again we have a jewelry designer who incorporates real meaning into her gorgeous pieces.  This is a necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer.  Rendered in gorgeous white gold (but available in yellow gold as well), the ‘Ohm’ design is rendered in beautiful diamond pave on — in this version — a disc of white gold matte.

The white gold itself is a whopping eighteen karats; the white gold chain is sixteen inches.

According to the designer herself and sellers as well, simply wearing this beautiful necklace with its unquestionably meaningful pendant will bring you peace and keep you calm.  Rather than repeating the well known meditation mantra throughout the day, it will be sending calming waves to you the entire time you are wearing it.

In addition to being soothing, this piece is simply down right gorgeous — and that combination is terribly hard to find.  A piece like this is a true innovation.  You definitely do not see necklaces like this every day.  It costs about fifteen hundred dollars, depending on where you buy it, but I think a lot of you will agree that the readily apparent and exquisite craftsmanship makes this necklace well worth the price.


02 2009