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Gucci Rings: They Are Hot!


Personally, I did not think that Gucci’s talent would move over to the jewelry aisle, but here we are ladies and gentlemen … this ring is absolutely beautiful and it is definitely a statement.  Whenever you are wearing Gucci, there really is something to be said about you and certainly something that you are doing right.  Gucci is by far, the best of the best in the fashion world and if you walk around flashing this beautiful Gucci ring, you will definitely make a statement.

Whenever you get anything that is Gucci, it is a statement but generally, you can not wear your wallet on your finger for everyone to see.  Now, you can make a louder statement by flashing that you have an official Gucci ring at your disposal!

So now that you see the ring, what do you people think about it?  I think it is beautiful, but that’s just my opinion … leave me a comment with some options!


03 2009

Vera Wang: Wedding Jewelry Time!


So we all know that springtime is by far the time for weddings.  May, June even July are just a few of the most popular times in the year to get married.  While most blushing brides focus their energy on their dress, most of them forget about the jewelry!  Well ladies, think about the jewelry that you are going to wear on your wedding day, it is very important!

Vera Wang is now trying her hand at wedding jewelry and if you look at this pretty little piece, you will see just how much she is succeeding.  Personally, I think that this beautiful necklace is one of the prettiest things in the world.  I think that is looks like a combination of something old and something new.

This necklace has a very old-time feel to it but it is definitely modern.  The diamonds are incredible and I love the little pearl at the bottom, because we all know that pearls right now are very in!


03 2009

Chunky Jewelry: It Is In!


One of the biggest things this year that you will be seeing on the runway is going to be the beautiful and lovely chunky jewelry.  Honestly, you probably will never, ever be able to get away from it and while I, personally, am not a fan of chunky jewelry, I can certainly appreciate where it comes from and what type of people wear it.  I do not look good in chunky jewelry but if you are the type of person that has a long neck, it could definitely accent your neckline beautifully!

One of the coolest things about chunky jewelry is the fact that so many designers have it now.  You can honestly find jewelry like this in every single store or by every single designer all over the place, so you never have to worry about finding a style that fits you or a color that suits your skin tone!

So folks, just remember that this year, chunky jewelry is in and the chunkier the better, so go on and get yourself some big and beautiful jewelry!


03 2009

Designed Rings: They Look Beautiful!


It is that time of year where every single guy seems to be getting engaged or already is.  If you are fretting over what type of ring to get your woman, why not get her one that looks like this?

This incredible looking ring is actually encrusted with diamonds and honestly the design of it just looks amazing.  Personally, I would love to have a ring like this and while many women are picky about their engagement rings, this one is one that definitely will not be turned down!

So guys, the question is, what do you do now?  Do you get a traditional ring that has a single diamond or do you go with something like this that has multiple diamonds and looks extremely unique?  Well, the ultimate decision is yours but just remember that women like to be surprised.


03 2009

Floating Diamond Necklaces: What Are They?


So really, in my last post I was just assuming that everyone would know exactly what a floating diamond necklace would be, that isn’t the case considering I got a few e-mails.  All right folks, here is the answer to all of your questions!  The amazing and incredible looking floating diamond necklace is actually just what its name implies; it’s a necklace that … looks like it is floating on your neck!

Now, you are probably wondering exactly how designers achieve this incredible look and to be honest, it is done with fishing line.  You know how fishing line is extremely clear?  Well, that is how it is done!  You string together some incredible jewelry, knot them in place and you got yourself a floating diamond necklace!

Now folks, remember, floating diamond necklaces are incredible but they are pieces of jewelry that have to be cared for and that can be extremely difficult for a lot of people.  These necklaces do get tangled up really easily, so be careful!


03 2009