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Vera Wang Jewelry: It’s Incredible Looking!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is one of those designers that has not been around for a while but she seems like she has been around for a while.  While her bridal gowns are extremely sought after and she is absolutely incredible with a needle and thread, when she decided to try her hand at jewelry making – well, I was skeptical at first but now that I actually see some of her work, I can definitely appreciate the fact that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Take this beautiful piece that is filled with glass pearls, tulle and a ribbon tie.  This is a fantastic match for any one of those bridal gowns that she has and I think that Vera is going to stick in the bridal scene.  That seems to be her trademark and she is definitely good at it!

This is wedding season ladies, if you want something unique and different – Vera has you covered from head to toe now!


05 2009

Lemon Quartz: Doesn’t It Look Great?

Zina 18K White Gold Lemon Quartz & Khaki Topaz Ring

One thing that I love about jewelry is that there truly are so many different styles available and you truly can find something for everyone – take this beautiful ring for example.  This ring is something that is not only beautiful in every possible way but it is also extremely rare.  For those of you that do not know, this ring actually has lemon quartz in it and lemon quartz alone is extremely rare to find … anywhere.

Now of course, there is not just lemon quartz on I, there is also a khaki topaz as well as quite a few diamonds and white gold.  Personally, I love white gold.  I think that it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and I think that yellow gold is just overrated all over the place.

So what are you looking for this anniversary?  Well guys, I think your lady will like this piece right here – it’s only $930.00!


05 2009

Tom Binns: This Jeweler Is Amazing!

chandelier earrings

Now of course, I was just going to do a post about chandelier earrings, but when I found these beautiful chandelier earrings from Tom Binns, I thought I would throw them up here for everyone to see!  These earrings are definitely something that I would wear and I do not even have my ears pierced!  The way that the colors are combine not to mention the cut of everything is absolutely beautiful and I have to say that I am digging on Tom Binns pieces!

Chandelier earrings are the type of earrings that not everyone in the world can pull off and while I think that most people would love a pair of these … you definitely have to make sure that you have the face for it.  Personally, adding anything more to my face or framing it would be bad, but oval faces would look really good with these!

So check out some more chandelier earrings by Tom Binns and see what you like!


05 2009

H. Stern: This Jewelry Is Impeccable!

H. Stern

Whenever I think about H. Stern, the very first thought that usually comes to my mind is ‘damn, he’s good’.  All of his jewelry is absolutely incredible and these rings honestly, do not give the rest of his collection justice, but they are beautiful!  H. Stern, for those of you that do not know is a Brazilian jeweler and he has actually just released his latest collection.

The Star collection is all sorts of different pieces that have the same Stern Star cut in them.  This cut of a diamond is absolutely breathtaking and I know that it actually lets the diamond refract light in a way that seems almost similar to a real, live star!

So if you want different and exciting, you should take a look at H. Stern!  He’s the best in everything that he does!


05 2009

Arman’s Hand of God Pendant: It Certainly Looks Good!

Arman’s Hand of God Pendant

So honestly, I have been seeing this necklace everywhere as of late and I finally had do to my research on it and find out exactly what it is.  Well folks, this little necklace is actually the Arman’s Hand of God Pendant and for those of you that do not know, Arman jewelry is actually a total blend of gothic and vintage.

Personally, that is totally my style.  I am absolutely gothic (well, I was back in the day) and I love old and vintage items, so this was certainly the perfect necklace for me!  It is a mixture of yellow gold along with some silver and even some rose-cut diamonds. 

For just over one thousand dollars, this little necklace is certainly making waves all over the place and it is definitely one of my hot picks of the week!


05 2009