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Steven Zale Is The Designer Of The Season!

Steven ZaleIf there is one thing that I love, it is a man that knows exactly how to pick out and even design his own jewelry.  That is one thing that I absolutely love about Steven Zale.  This guy has everything!  He knows his style, he knows his fashion and he absolutely knows how to please a woman via diamonds!  This guy has been around for years and I have to say that Steven Zale has done quite well for himself … honestly!  First he was the designer of the Demeter Jewelry line and now I believe he might have his own line!

Steven Zale is one of those jewelry designers that are known for their pieces and just like this ring here, his pieces are constantly being worn by all sorts of different celebrities to all sorts of different places.  You know that you are golden when a celebrity starts wearing your stuff … seriously.

So if you want glam, glitz and everything between, Steven is going to be your man!  He is the best and he is one hot designer this season!


06 2009

Rive Gauche by Jean-Louis Jewelry Is Hot This Season

Jean-Louis Jewelry Rive Gauche.  Is that a name that you know?  If you are not a jewelry buff like I am, you probably have absolutely no idea what that name is.  It is actually a brand name for some of the best jewelry in the world.  Rive Gauche Jewelry is interesting and sold only on HSN, which is not what I watch all that often, but I might now that I know it is just sold there – I’m an internet chick, I look everything up on the web.  What makes this particular jewelry so interesting is the fact that it is made with Technibond.

What is Technibond?  It is actually a patented gold plating process that every single Rive Gauche piece of jewelry goes through.  Basically, it consists of about 40mm of 18K gold bonded with some sterling silver to make this beautiful lighter gold color that looks awesome.  Each and every piece of this jewelry that is sold off of HSN has a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about it!

So this is just one example of an HSN piece – you should look up some more, because they truly are worth the money spent!


06 2009

Wallace Chan Takes on Nature

wallacechanring01Just lately in the jewelry world, many designers have been turning to nature for inspiration. Not only are we seeing flowers and trees, but we are seeing butterflies and moths, as well as some of the — seemingly — less attractive insects in nature, such as flies.

You might be thinking that a fly would make an ugly piece of jewelry or that a mere flower would be unspeakably boring, then you have not seen the designs of Hong Kong’s famed gem engraver, Wallace Chan. He is well known for actually carving portraits right inside of gemstones, and he is no less unique and distinct with his new jewelry collection.

The collection utilizes titanium which has been both cast and carved; Chan uses it to recreate aspects of nature. Despite the fact that titanium is a somewhat difficult metal, Chan’s pieces are very light. Not only that, but the detail found in them is painstaking and breathtaking — as you can clearly see here.


06 2009

Red Romancing the Stone

argyle-red-romanceIf you know L. J. West, then you know that the company is very well known for creating pieces featuring diamonds in rare and unquestionably stunning colors. If you are a fan of diamonds, then you have likely seen L. J. West’s gorgeous selection of green diamonds, blue diamonds, and pink diamonds.

However, the company has outdone even itself with what you are seeing here: the Argyle Red Romance. It is considered an utterly unprecedented piece, and it is quite easy to see what.

The ring is platinum with three matched diamonds in a color that tastefully, stunningly mixes red and purple. The stone in the center of the ring is a whopping 1.90 karats, while the stones bracketing it are 0.49 karats and 0.54 karats, respectively.

As you might expect, a ring like this fetches quite the premium price. Just to give you an idea, consider this: for a single red diamond which is not even an entire karat, a buyer at an auction paid one million dollars.


06 2009

From Engagement Ring to Divorce Diamond

pejayb5605It has happened to all of us.  An ex boyfriend once bought us a promise ring which we can understandably no longer bring ourselves to wear.  Perhaps an engagement went downhill and you, of course, kept the ring, even though it is now languishing in the back of your drawer, unworn but not quite forgotten.  Worse yet, perhaps you have gone through the devastation that is a divorce, and have no idea what to do with the rings you once wore with pride.  You cannot bear to get rid of these rings, but neither do you want to wear them.  It seems like such a waste of diamonds and other precious stones though, does it not?  Until quite recently, your only real choices were to live with it or pawn them — and pawning is such a tough thing to do.  I mean, we are talking about diamonds here!

Fortunately, PeJay Creations has the answer to that problem.  Think about getting your old promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring into a divorce diamond.  It can become a hinged bracelet for some surprisingly affordable prices.


06 2009

Le Vian: Chocolate Butterflies

levianyozm12Now, not to be completely stereotypical — I can’t really be, since I’m talking about myself as well — but if there is one thing we ladies know, it is chocolate.  Chocolate is good for what ails you, there is no doubt about it.  Heck, it has even been proven that chocolate is a pleasure source for your body, by signaling your brain to release some serious feel good endorphins.  These days, chocolate is even being used as a means of skin care, which makes it the perfect cure all for any number of things.  Since it is already such a versatile panacea, you have to wonder — how on earth could it get any better?

Le Vian, the innovative jewelry designer, answered that question quite beautifully, with this beautiful pendant.  This is from the completely one of a kind chocolate diamond collection.  Given the fact that it is set in strawberry gold, this piece of jewelry looks good enough to eat!


06 2009

Mikimoto Jewelry: Check Out This Brand!

Mikimoto is one of those designers that has actually succeeded in producing some of the world’s first culture pearls.  That happened in 1893 and since then, this incredible brand has been making waves and setting some of the most incredible standards in jewelry, it truly is incredible.  The quality and consistency that comes with the Mikimoto name is absolutely remarkable and they definitely are the leading maker of pearls.

What you might not be aware of this season is that pearls are actually extremely hot and while you might not really think about it – if you get a Mikimoto, you will not only have a high quality pearl, but you will definitely be at the height of fashion in the way of jewelry!

So check out Mikimoto – these standards are high and all around, the jewelry rocks!


06 2009

Roberto Coin: Oh My God — This Designer Is Awesome!

So it has to be said that I absolutely have fallen head over heels for Roberto Coin.  This guy has been features all over the world and he is definitely one of the best jewelry designers out there now.  Take this incredible piece – honestly, really look at it.  The detail that has went into this piece is absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that while, I am not obsessed with horses, I could definitely see myself wearing this bangle.

I also love the fact that Roberto Coin is Italian.  Personally, I think that Italian designers for jewelry are incredible and they honestly … seriously are better than most designers.  The quality that goes into every single piece is absolutely impeccable and they really know what they are doing.

So if you want attention to detail, you got it with Roberto Coin people!


06 2009