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The Titanium Jewelry of Wallace Chan

wallacechanring01Subtitled: If You Loved Sex in the City (The Movie), You Have to Take a Look at This.

Wallace Chan is famed for his titanium jewelry, all of which is decidedly beautiful, not to mention gorgeously crafted, exquisitely designed, and expertly rendered.

But I am particularly drawn to this piece, a flower ring from Wallace Chan. Why am I drawn to this piece? Because it is reminiscent of the ring Samantha fell in love with in the aforementioned movie — however, it is much, much more tastefully done.

I found the ring in the movie absolutely exquisite — in theory. However, I also thought it was a bit too gaudy for me to ever want to wear. The same cannot be said for the ring Chan has designed. I love everything about it. I love the detail, I love that the design aesthetic is both natural yet edgy; it is elegant and too beautiful for words.


07 2009

Give Your Girl a Kiss on a Special Day

hersheys-kissWhat could be better than a sweet, chocolaty Hershey’s Kiss? Well … if you ask your girlfriend, wife, lover, or significant other, he or she might agree that diamonds can make that sweet treat even better.

What you see here comes courtesy of World Trade Jewelers, which launched a brand new collection which has been licensed by Hershey’s. Among the pieces in the collection is the Kiss Pendant. In fact, there is plenty of Hershey’s kiss jewelry available in lots of sizes, with white gold and diamonds.

This particular piece, however, features gorgeous diamond pave.

Back to the collection as a whole, the pieces will range in price from just under five hundred dollars ($499) to just under eight thousand dollars ($7,999).

So, find out what your sweetheart’s favorite Hershey’s treat is, and see if you cannot surprise him or her by mixing a chocolate candy treat with some gorgeous diamond jewelry!


07 2009

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings: They Are Back In Style!

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings When I think of rhinestones – all that usually comes to my mind is my bedazzler, however these are not like the little gems that I used to glue to my denim jacket – these rhinestones are actually beautiful and to be honest … hoop earrings are actually in right now.  The cool thing about Rhinestone Hoop Earrings is the fact that they are inexpensive yet they look expensive … which is the entire point right?  Right.

One thing that I have noticed about rhinestones is the fact they sort of look like diamonds – however they aren’t and they are glitzier and more glamorous, which makes them perfect paired with your little black dress or even just some skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top.  Anything sexy and fashionable would make these earrings stand right out!

So really … get on the bus and get yourself some Rhinestone Hoop Earrings because they are really hot!


07 2009

Say It With A Ruby!

Ruby RingsJewelry is more than just the look of it – when you wear a piece of jewelry, there is something that goes along with it … status.  That is very true when you wear a ruby.  Not many people can pull a ruby off, but there are some of them that can and personally, I think that real rubies are absolutely beautiful.  The Indian population is known for their use of rubies – whether it is on their foreheads or on their toes, rubies are very apparent and definitely part of the culture.

However, that does not mean that you can not wear them either.  Actually, ruby engagement rings are becoming increasing popular and I think that is beautiful!  I love – love, love red gemstones and rubies are definitely my favorite!  Whether you surround them with diamonds or you are looking for just a solitary ruby – your ring will look beautiful!

So really – rubies are the best in the world for the changing of the times and they are becoming popular everywhere!


07 2009

Mr. Graham: This One’s for the Guys

mr-grahamSarah Graham is an awesome jewelry designer, extremely well known for the talent she has with hand crafting completely natural materials, such as coral, with other, more urban things, like chrome. Women the world over have long loved her jewelry — and now the guys are going to get their chance as well, with the imminent launching of Mr. Graham.

This is a men’s collection which has been inspired by Charles Darwin and the theory of Darwinism as it applies to the way art, fashion, and jewelry have all evolved.

The key inspiration for this line comes right out of the ocean. Tiny little organisms called radiolarian, to be exact.

The collection features sterling silver as well as blackened steel, and it is geared towards men who are into style and very conscious about it.

You can find everything from key chains to other pieces of moniker gear, not just jewelry.


07 2009

Forget Bra Straps — Use Pearls!

elitepearlbrastrapPearls have long been a staple of jewelry fashion.  A strand of pearls around the throat is a perfect accent for the famed little black dress.  Pearl earrings can add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit you can even think of putting together.  Even pearl rings and bracelets have their place as the perfect accessories.  But did you know there are other places to wear pearls?  Such as … over your shoulders.

It is summer — of course. Lots of ladies are wearing things like sundresses and off the shoulder tops, halters, and things of that nature — which does pose a problem: exposed bra straps.

However, Margarita Couture can fix that, with their Elite Pearl Straps, which go for only about thirty five dollars a pair. They are made of gorgeous freshwater pearls and they are completely adjustable. All you have to do is replace the straps on your convertible bra with these straps, and you have instant jewelry!


07 2009

Be a Rebel with Rebel Designs!

rebel-designs-mushroom-cocktail-ringCocktail rings have long been a staple when you want to add a funky, trendy accessory to your outfit. Rebel Designs, a company based in New York City which specializes in accessories, can help you with that — not just cocktail rings, of course, but all manner of jewelry, along with belts, bags, and wallets as well.

As far as the jewelry goes, however, Rebel Designs is well known for including the ever popular Swarovski crystals, as well as fine metals and semi precious stones.

This is the Mushroom Cocktail Ring and, as you can plainly see, it is a very bold choice, while remaining absolutely gorgeous, chic, and nothing less than exquisite. It is silver and the centerpiece is a circle shaped onyx stone. Surrounding it are three rows comprised of stunning jet black crystals. However, the ring comes in many other styles as well — tiger’s eye, turquoise, mother of pearl, and carnelian.


07 2009

Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry from Heidi Daus

daus3Vintage jewelry is all the rage right now, whether it comes to rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, or earrings. And by all accounts — and as you can plainly see — few jewelry designers do it better than Heidi Daus, who has no less than twenty five years worth of experience behind her. Within her aesthetic, you can tell she loves both vintage jewelry and estate jewelry.

This particular piece is a bracelet featuring, as you can see, a knot. It is, in fact, the “Forget Me Knot” (get it?) Crystal Accented Bangle, measuring seven and a quarter inches. It features many rows of round, black, diamond color crystals in pave set.

It, like many of Heidi Daus’ other pieces, incorporate a kind of Art Deco style that speaks of both rampant sophistication and extreme edginess.


07 2009

By Boe Jewelry: It Does Look Sweet!

By Boe In this day and age, you do not see a lot of jewelry teams that are actually related.  Annika and Philippe Salame launched the jewelry line By Boe in 2000 and every since, this duo has been racking in the cash and has been creating handmade jewelry side-by-side.  This is a husband and wife team and I think their mixture of jewelry that is soft, subtle and all around beautiful is something that I would be willing to buy.

These little earrings are the latest earrings by By Boe and they are the Coral Chandelier Earrings and they actually sort of do look like chandeliers, which to me is so intriguing and cool looking!  Celebrities have been all over By Boe for years, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa and Tyra Banks and those some of the hugest names nowadays!

So really, check out By Boe – I mean, these earrings are only $65.00!


07 2009

Richard Palermo Is One Designer That Is Gaining Attention!

Richard Palermo It is funny to think about Richard Palermo and just how his jewelry career began.  Most of the time, designers begin at the bottom of the chains and when they rise up to the top, then and only then, huge chains like Tiffany & Co or Harry Winston will look at you – however, Richard Palermo actually began at Cartier and Tiffany & Co.  He has been designing jewelry for over 30 years and while he might have started out in just the fine arts, jewelry has always been his passion.

Whether you are looking for something that is big or something small, Richard Palermo definitely has you covered.  He has all sorts of signature pieces that are just him and him alone and his natural and vintage themes have really captured a lot of hearts.  Whether you want something simple or you want something complex, Richard Palermo is a designer that can really assist you.

So if you want the highest quality and the finest looking piece of jewelry, Richard Palermo is going to be the designer that you want to look into!


07 2009