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Simmons Men’s Jewelry: The Men Need Some Love Too!

Simmons Men's JewelryWhen you think about it, us women mostly focus our attention and love for jewelry on ourselves and we do not think about the men’s piece of jewelry at all.  Well, Simmon’s Jewelry Co. has taken a turn for the best and they have actually come out with a beautiful men’s collection of bracelets, chains, rings and even some diamond earrings that you might want to borrow from your man!

These beautiful pieces are mainly focused for the urban-minded man, however in my mind, they look absolutely beautiful!  This particular brand includes some traditional diamonds and gold combinations; however there are some different things used as well – such as rubber and stainless steel, because we all know that a man loves his stainless steel.

In this collection, pieces range from $150.00 all the way to $15,000 – which is something that not a lot of collections have!


08 2009

Ed Hardy + Watches = <3!

Don Ed Hardy When you think of a watch, what is usually the first thing that you think about?  Well, if you are me, then you think of Ed Hardy, the king of modern tattoos and bringing that particular rock ‘n roll trait into everything that he does.  We all know that Ed Hardy is known for his sophistication, his experimentation and also his depth, but what I did not know is that he was known for his beautiful watches!

Watches to me are something that not a lot of people wear anymore, but when you have something this beautiful in your possession, how can you not wear it?  A twist on a classic, Ed Hardy style is exactly what this beautiful watch represents.  Gold, bling and the ability to tell time – it is awesome!

So if you are style and fashion conscious, you should absolutely take a look into this beautiful piece of artwork!


08 2009

Bride Wars? Get The Pin!

Bride warsSo I have to say that I love the movie Bride Wars – if you have not seen it, you need to see it to truly understand what I am talking about.  The plot of the movie is all about two best friends that have their weddings scheduled at the same place on the same day and the war that goes through it.  The cool thing is that they had some breathtakingly beautiful jewelry in there and one piece of jewelry is a Tacori blue bridal hairpin.

This beautiful hairpin is something that Anne Hathaway’s character wore on her wedding day and I have to say that I just fell in love with this particular hairpin and that is why it is on the blog … because it is beautiful and you all need to see it!  This hairpin is five faceted with blue jade petals which all surround a white topaz in sterling silver.

The great thing about this hairpin is it is something blue for the bride – you know, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – pick up this pin and your blue item is covered and fashionable!


08 2009

Engagement Rings? Royal Asscher Has You Covered!

Royal Asscher Eclipse Diamond Engagement RingLet’s have a chat about some of the latest things about the Royal Asscher family – it has been quite a while since I have done a blog about what they are doing right?  Well, I have to say that they are up to nothing but good and as always, they come to impress.

Their Eclipse collection is no different at all and this is just one engagement ring from that collection.  I love the fact that this particular ring not only has a beautifully cut diamond in the middle, but the ring itself is thicker and the circles of diamonds are very attractive.

The Royal Asscher Eclipse collection is something that I took a deep look at every single piece and I have found that they are all beautifully done and once again, the Royal Asscher is a family that I would be very proud to have on my finger!


08 2009