Arman’s Hand of God Pendant: It Certainly Looks Good!

Arman’s Hand of God Pendant

So honestly, I have been seeing this necklace everywhere as of late and I finally had do to my research on it and find out exactly what it is.  Well folks, this little necklace is actually the Arman’s Hand of God Pendant and for those of you that do not know, Arman jewelry is actually a total blend of gothic and vintage.

Personally, that is totally my style.  I am absolutely gothic (well, I was back in the day) and I love old and vintage items, so this was certainly the perfect necklace for me!  It is a mixture of yellow gold along with some silver and even some rose-cut diamonds. 

For just over one thousand dollars, this little necklace is certainly making waves all over the place and it is definitely one of my hot picks of the week!

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