Cookie Lee vs. Premier Designs!

Cookie Lee

All right ladies, now that we have talked a little bit about Premier designs, let’s touch on Cookie Lee – now personally, I have been to a Cookie Lee party and I hated it.  Although I did not like the sales person, I definitely did end up buying some jewelry, which of course I did not really like in the end, but that is another story all together right?  Right.

Cookie Lee is another jewelry thing that you can sell all by yourself.  Again, just like Avon or Mary Kay, this jewelry can be sold to all different kinds of people and really … really, I think it is a great way to make money.

So what do you think ladies … honestly?  Cookie Lee vs. Premier Designs, which one do you think is better and why?  I think that Premier Designs might be better but I have never been to a show nor ever seen a catalog.  Let me know your thoughts!

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