Dori Csengeri Brings Aphrodite to Life

aphroditeI have just fallen in love, friends and jewelry lovers, with Dori Csengeri Designer Jewelry in general and a specific piece in general. But first, I definitely think we need to talk a little bit about Dori Csengeri, who finds inspiration in both art fashion. Her jewelry is completely sewn by hand with tried and true techniques. We are talking serious needlework here, among other techniques, which leads to some of the most unique, one of a kind jewelry you will ever hope to find.

They are the true definition of haute couture: handmade and completely original, an array of beautiful stones, crystal beads with a bohemian flair, cabochons, metal, shells, wood, and leather.

Take, for instance, this gorgeous handcrafted Aphrodite Necklace.  With its beautiful color palette and sensual designs, it definitely channels the Greek goddess of Love.

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12 2009

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