Forget Bra Straps — Use Pearls!

elitepearlbrastrapPearls have long been a staple of jewelry fashion.  A strand of pearls around the throat is a perfect accent for the famed little black dress.  Pearl earrings can add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit you can even think of putting together.  Even pearl rings and bracelets have their place as the perfect accessories.  But did you know there are other places to wear pearls?  Such as … over your shoulders.

It is summer — of course. Lots of ladies are wearing things like sundresses and off the shoulder tops, halters, and things of that nature — which does pose a problem: exposed bra straps.

However, Margarita Couture can fix that, with their Elite Pearl Straps, which go for only about thirty five dollars a pair. They are made of gorgeous freshwater pearls and they are completely adjustable. All you have to do is replace the straps on your convertible bra with these straps, and you have instant jewelry!

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