Give Your Girl a Kiss on a Special Day

hersheys-kissWhat could be better than a sweet, chocolaty Hershey’s Kiss? Well … if you ask your girlfriend, wife, lover, or significant other, he or she might agree that diamonds can make that sweet treat even better.

What you see here comes courtesy of World Trade Jewelers, which launched a brand new collection which has been licensed by Hershey’s. Among the pieces in the collection is the Kiss Pendant. In fact, there is plenty of Hershey’s kiss jewelry available in lots of sizes, with white gold and diamonds.

This particular piece, however, features gorgeous diamond pave.

Back to the collection as a whole, the pieces will range in price from just under five hundred dollars ($499) to just under eight thousand dollars ($7,999).

So, find out what your sweetheart’s favorite Hershey’s treat is, and see if you cannot surprise him or her by mixing a chocolate candy treat with some gorgeous diamond jewelry!

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