Jamie Wolf’s Necklaces Will Leave You Howling at the Moon

necklaceJamie Wolf used to dance with the New York City Ballet, something you can tell in the grace and elegance of her jewelry designs. She only began doing it full time about five years ago, but a ten year history dancing ballet certainly made a huge impact on her design aesthetic.

The 18K White Gold Rose of France Flower Necklace showcases that elegance beautifully. It has a clover chain made of diamonds and 18k white gold, and it is crowned with a Rose of France stone in the center — one that is 26.65 carats. There are eight clovers that have diamond centers surround the gorgeous lavender stone.

I love absolutely everything about this necklace, which goes for just over thirty five hundred dollars.  Hey, you guys, Christmas is coming up … not that I’m hinting or anything.

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