JJ Singh Jewelry Will Make You Sing

jj singhThere are a whole lot of independent designers these days, not just jewelry designers, but designers of clothing, lingerie, fashion, swimwear, and various accessories as well. Jennifer Singh, also known as JJ Singh, is one of these. Her inspiration comes from ancient and old civilizations, making for pieces that are one of a kind, certainly historical, and downright stunning as well.

For example, there is unquestionably something antiquated and elegant about the JJ Singh Etruscan Signet Ring. It shows Singh’s strengths to a beautiful degree.

She loves precious metals, fabrication, clay, resin enamels, and granulation. She loves to use silver and sterling silver, plating made of 24K gold, and plenty of semi precious stones as well.

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10 2009

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    Thanks for the props Heather! Our website is being re-launched at the begining of December with new collections of statement necklaces and all kinds of unique designs. Stay tuned!

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