Lemon Quartz: Doesn’t It Look Great?

Zina 18K White Gold Lemon Quartz & Khaki Topaz Ring

One thing that I love about jewelry is that there truly are so many different styles available and you truly can find something for everyone – take this beautiful ring for example.  This ring is something that is not only beautiful in every possible way but it is also extremely rare.  For those of you that do not know, this ring actually has lemon quartz in it and lemon quartz alone is extremely rare to find … anywhere.

Now of course, there is not just lemon quartz on I, there is also a khaki topaz as well as quite a few diamonds and white gold.  Personally, I love white gold.  I think that it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and I think that yellow gold is just overrated all over the place.

So what are you looking for this anniversary?  Well guys, I think your lady will like this piece right here – it’s only $930.00!

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