Rodney Rayner Will Steal Your Heart

raynerRodney Rayner is a British jewelry designer who has received praise and fame from all over the world thanks to his colorful, bold, and innovative designs. He can go from beautiful and dramatic to chic and stylish in an instant, which is what makes the famed Rodney Rayner collection so fresh and new. The collection is constantly evolving and endlessly edgy, with a finger always on the pulse of the latest design and fashion trends. This is a designer who has been awarded the Town and Country Couture Design Award for Best Jewelry Design in Colored Gemstones three times.

One look at these gorgeous heart shaped Rodney Rayner Gemstone Pendants and it is easy to see why — I personally see a fourth win sometime in his future.

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10 2009

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    Crystal heart and cross pendants are now cool to wear

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