The Titanium Jewelry of Wallace Chan

wallacechanring01Subtitled: If You Loved Sex in the City (The Movie), You Have to Take a Look at This.

Wallace Chan is famed for his titanium jewelry, all of which is decidedly beautiful, not to mention gorgeously crafted, exquisitely designed, and expertly rendered.

But I am particularly drawn to this piece, a flower ring from Wallace Chan. Why am I drawn to this piece? Because it is reminiscent of the ring Samantha fell in love with in the aforementioned movie — however, it is much, much more tastefully done.

I found the ring in the movie absolutely exquisite — in theory. However, I also thought it was a bit too gaudy for me to ever want to wear. The same cannot be said for the ring Chan has designed. I love everything about it. I love the detail, I love that the design aesthetic is both natural yet edgy; it is elegant and too beautiful for words.

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