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Wearing costume jewelry on different occasions

costume-jewelleryYou are attending an event and you have bought your shoes, your dress, and have chosen from your collection of bags but what jewelry do you wear. Knowing the dress code should give you an idea what costume jewelry to wear so you will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

White Tie

You can go crazy with costume jewelry if you are going to a white tie event. Have fun with your accessories! You can go very glam with a jewel-dropping piece of necklace and pair it up with some matching earrings. In case you have your hair up, go for some sparkles and wear an elegant, chandelier pair of earrings. Vintage costume pieces will also look excellent.

Black Tie

You have an endless list of choices when going to a black tie affair as you have a very wide range of stuff you can wear. The key is to go for an elegant and glamorous look whether you will do that with glitzy earrings or a nice ravishing necklace is up to you. Think of what you will be wearing if you will be attending the Oscar’s. Think of the red carpet. Add some color to your black dress by wearing a chic and bright necklace or tone down a bright attire with some clear crystals hanging down your earrings or neck.

Cocktail Party

A cocktail dress can be spruced up with some costume jewelry. You can go for a sparkling brooch or an elegant necklace. You do not want to overdo all the glitz but the right accessories will complete your amazing getup. Do not forget the cocktail ring!


Relax and express yourself. Smart-casual affairs will allow you to show your individuality. As you can almost wear anything, a lot of women tend to go very simple with a sundress or a trouser suit. You can splash some colors to make a bit of a statement.


02 2013

Finding exclusive jewelry without breaking the bank

jewelry-ringYou may be looking for pieces of jewelry that you want to add to your precious collection but you do not want to use up your retirement money for them. In case you do not have the money for the big diamonds, you can still get amazing statement pieces or a beautiful accessory that you can use everyday. Here are some tips to help you those wonderful pieces of jewelry:

Think of other brands

As much as we want to fancy a small box from Tiffany & Co., buying from this store is paying about 80% more because of the brand. Try to balance how you spend your money and how you want to find the nice piece of jewelry. Checkout local brands and shops that can offer high quality at more affordable prices.

Go for your birthstone

If you want a unique piece of jewelry, diamonds are not just the only answers. You can go for birthstones like peridot, tanzanite, or garnet. You can still use diamonds as accents to your statement piece. These stones are more affordable than the bigger diamonds.


Diamonds maybe forever but another choice is to use pearls for your exclusive jewelry pieces. Aside from being more affordable, they are also very elegant. You can also look for cultured pearls which are way cheaper than the natural pearls. Avoid pearls with cloudy surfaces since with pearls, your number one gauge for quality is its luster.

Alter old pieces

You can take older pieces of jewelry and upgrade them. You can reset the stones of your silver or gold rings to platinum for example. This is still cost effective since you already have the elements for the jewelry you want to make. You just need to pay for the labor.


07 2012

Affordable and colorful jewelry for spring

A lot of people are already enjoying the warmer weather these days while some are still waiting for spring. As you browse thru the pages and sites of the fashion world, you will be overwhelmed by bright clothes, pastels, florals, and neons. If you are looking for jewelry ideas for spring, here are some good pieces that will be very affordable for you:

Shawn Warren

Shawn Warren based in New York came up with wrap bracelets that you can get in neon colors. The bracelets coil around your wrist smoothly while the magnetic clasp will not cause any problem. The chunkier chains look better with more dramatic effect. Cheap yet classy, this is how I will describe these wrap bracelets.

Some of the choices include a wrap bracelet in blue leather with silver and gunmetal chain. The eye catching neon yellow version too also look great. You can get them for $275.

Shawn Warren also came up with a single band version that makes use of snap closure. This comes in blue, coral, and neon yellow leather and 2-tone metal. Each sells for $225


If you are looking for bracelets with that perfect spring vibe, BaubleBar is another site to visit. They made use of bright enamel and vibrant metals for their bracelets this season. Everything is bright at BaubleBar and they offer a ton of options over at their website.

They have this rope cuff with gold plated metal, lucile, and enamel. They also have a collaboration with DKNY producing three pieces of elegant bracelets for spring.

Gerard Yosca

The designer made brilliant enamel bracelets that retail for just $98. The pieces use Swarovski crystals and semi precious gem stones.


03 2012

Jewelry Basics: Understanding the common settings for an engagement ring

You might be a knight in shining armor looking for a ring to seal an engagement or you might be a bride day-dreaming about a precious gem on your ring finger. Either or, deciding on the how a stone should be set on your engagement ring may be a daunting task for many. Do not fret though, here are some basic things that may help you out:

Classic Solitaire

set01This is a very popular setting for diamond engagement rings. The stone is positioned high to allow maximum exposure and enhance its brilliance. The diamond also appears bigger in this kind of setting.

Cathedral Solitaire

set02This setting puts the stone well inside the confines of the bands which extends from each side. This is basically done to have good protection of your diamond.

Contour Solitaire

set03The Contour Solitaire setting also offers maximum protection of your center diamond as it uses the band to hug the stone but the band tapers upward.

Knife Edge

set04This engagement ring setting makes use of angled shanks that are highly polished which exposes the center diamond to light enhancing its brilliance. This is very similar to the classic solitaire.

Trellis Solitaire

set05This is another popular setting which follows the Art Nouveau style. It makes use of interlaced prongs to hug the diamond in the middle. It is very elegant to look at and very easy to wear.

Bezel Set Solitaire

set06This kind of diamond engagement ring setting provides maximum protection as a whole rim overlaps the perimeter of the stone. The bride to be can wear her engagement ring without the fear of losing the stone while she busy with her everyday stuff.

Multiple stones or with Sidestones

side01Adding additional diamonds will definitely add brilliance to the stones. You can consult your jeweler what cuts of stones would fit the look you want to achieve.


12 2011

Brian Danielle Icon Necklaces: Hip & Cool!

php421268940662Now that we have talked a little bit about the rebel in us all, let’s go ahead and move onto some icons that truly make any outfit.  That is what Brian Danielle’s icon necklaces are all about.  They are to block out the bad vibes and to truly bring some peace to you.

These necklaces are actually pretty awesome looking and they are all done up right with black diamonds, which is fantastic whenever you are looking to stay a little hip and cool.  There are also those chains to consider and Brian Danielle really knows how to add on the chains.

Personally, I think that Brian Danielle really knows what he is doing whenever he designs some jewelry!


04 2010

Jessica Kagan Cushman Jewelry: Trendy & Rock ‘n Roll!

JessicaCushman122107_24_LJessica Kagan Cushman jewelry is something that I think resembles Juice Couture jewelry just a little bit.  It is definitely trendy, certainly a little different and is full of attitude, which is something that I love.  Not only does this particular bangle really capture my attention, but I love the ‘whatever’ printed on it.

Whether you are looking for it on black on white or white on black, Jessica Kagan Cushman has you covered and I love the shape.  This is definitely for the rock ‘n roll chick in all of use and it certainly will rest in your wrist quite well.

You want unique and different?  That is what Jessica Kagan Cushman is all about!


04 2010

Spring Jewelry — Flower Trends: 2

41DXK9MPWJL._SL500_AA280_Now that we have scene some beautiful rose pieces, let’s go ahead and touch on another flower piece that is actually a little springier and ties in two jewelry trends into one piece and that is the green as well as the silver.

Silver is definitely one jewelry trend that is not going to go away and I can tell you for sure that I am so, so, so excited about that fact just because of the fact that I am in love with silver.  Silver is something that is near and dear to my heart.

If you are not a silver fan, you might want to switch your position this spring for it is all about the flowers and all about the silver!


04 2010

Spring Jewelry — Flower Trends: 1

Lacquered Rose EarringsSpring is finally here and Easter is tomorrow and already, I can feel the run shining and the heat coming up and the changes in the trends for fashion – especially jewelry.  There are so many different jewelry trends out there; it might actually be really hard to follow them all but one trend that you should keep in mind is floral.

Floral jewelry is something that is brand new and has been popping up everywhere and I can not say that I am surprised nor am I not excited.  In fact, I am super, super excited about flowers and the fact that jewelers are making all kinds of beautiful flower pieces!

Take these rose earrings for example – they are breathtakingly beautiful and totally springy!


04 2010

No Nos in Jewelry for Easter: 2


Now that we have talked a little bit about being classy and keeping up with some of the trends in the way of Easter jewelry.  One of the most important things that you want to keep in mind whenever you are dealing with jewelry for a specific holiday is the fact that you want to wear something that suits you.

A lot of people wash themselves out by wearing a lot of pastel colors; it is something that not a lot of people can pull off, so keep that in mind.  You also want to ensure that you incorporate silver of gold into your color scheme; you do not want to get something that is solid color.

These tips and tricks should help you in the long run from making a fashion no-no in the way of Easter jewelry.


03 2010

No Nos in Jewelry for Easter: 1


Jewelry trends are something that are constantly updating and constantly changing, especially when you are looking for jewelry for a holiday.  There are rules though, rules that you need to follow whenever you are dealing with jewelry around the holidays, as some of the jewelry that is themed to the holiday can be terrible looking.

Easter is one of those holidays, similar to Christmas that everyone wants to drag out their pastel colors and their egg-shaped jewelry but you do not need to do that.  In the next couple blogs, we are going to talk about how you can control your need to switch it up on the jewelry front and make sure that you follow some of the rules.

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be different but it is not impossible, you just want to find something tasteful.  That is the first rule, be tasteful and classic when choosing a piece for Easter.


03 2010