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Affordable and colorful jewelry for spring

A lot of people are already enjoying the warmer weather these days while some are still waiting for spring. As you browse thru the pages and sites of the fashion world, you will be overwhelmed by bright clothes, pastels, florals, and neons. If you are looking for jewelry ideas for spring, here are some good pieces that will be very affordable for you:

Shawn Warren

Shawn Warren based in New York came up with wrap bracelets that you can get in neon colors. The bracelets coil around your wrist smoothly while the magnetic clasp will not cause any problem. The chunkier chains look better with more dramatic effect. Cheap yet classy, this is how I will describe these wrap bracelets.

Some of the choices include a wrap bracelet in blue leather with silver and gunmetal chain. The eye catching neon yellow version too also look great. You can get them for $275.

Shawn Warren also came up with a single band version that makes use of snap closure. This comes in blue, coral, and neon yellow leather and 2-tone metal. Each sells for $225


If you are looking for bracelets with that perfect spring vibe, BaubleBar is another site to visit. They made use of bright enamel and vibrant metals for their bracelets this season. Everything is bright at BaubleBar and they offer a ton of options over at their website.

They have this rope cuff with gold plated metal, lucile, and enamel. They also have a collaboration with DKNY producing three pieces of elegant bracelets for spring.

Gerard Yosca

The designer made brilliant enamel bracelets that retail for just $98. The pieces use Swarovski crystals and semi precious gem stones.


03 2012

Jessica Kagan Cushman Jewelry: Trendy & Rock ‘n Roll!

JessicaCushman122107_24_LJessica Kagan Cushman jewelry is something that I think resembles Juice Couture jewelry just a little bit.  It is definitely trendy, certainly a little different and is full of attitude, which is something that I love.  Not only does this particular bangle really capture my attention, but I love the ‘whatever’ printed on it.

Whether you are looking for it on black on white or white on black, Jessica Kagan Cushman has you covered and I love the shape.  This is definitely for the rock ‘n roll chick in all of use and it certainly will rest in your wrist quite well.

You want unique and different?  That is what Jessica Kagan Cushman is all about!


04 2010

No Nos in Jewelry for Easter: 2


Now that we have talked a little bit about being classy and keeping up with some of the trends in the way of Easter jewelry.  One of the most important things that you want to keep in mind whenever you are dealing with jewelry for a specific holiday is the fact that you want to wear something that suits you.

A lot of people wash themselves out by wearing a lot of pastel colors; it is something that not a lot of people can pull off, so keep that in mind.  You also want to ensure that you incorporate silver of gold into your color scheme; you do not want to get something that is solid color.

These tips and tricks should help you in the long run from making a fashion no-no in the way of Easter jewelry.


03 2010

No Nos in Jewelry for Easter: 1


Jewelry trends are something that are constantly updating and constantly changing, especially when you are looking for jewelry for a holiday.  There are rules though, rules that you need to follow whenever you are dealing with jewelry around the holidays, as some of the jewelry that is themed to the holiday can be terrible looking.

Easter is one of those holidays, similar to Christmas that everyone wants to drag out their pastel colors and their egg-shaped jewelry but you do not need to do that.  In the next couple blogs, we are going to talk about how you can control your need to switch it up on the jewelry front and make sure that you follow some of the rules.

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be different but it is not impossible, you just want to find something tasteful.  That is the first rule, be tasteful and classic when choosing a piece for Easter.


03 2010

Fashion Angels Enterprises Are Making Positive Waves!

imgname--positive_icon_bracelets---50226711--images--fashion-angels1Now, I am not usually one for icon bands or bands are all actually but Fashion Angels Enterprises has actually come out with some cool looking bracelets.  These particular bracelets are actually designed for kids and are bright, colorful and look absolutely incredible on anyone, especially kids.

The cool thing about these bracelets is the fact that each band is made from silicone and the ions are actually extremely positive – which is pretty cool.  Whether you are looking for a peace & love heart or you want a hope sign … you can certainly find a band that suits you.

Just remember that Fashion Angels Enterprises is the brand and these bracelets are definitely making all kinds of waves.


01 2010

Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac Cuff: Check It Out!

Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac CuffWhen you are looking for style, class and grace – I can tell you that the Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac Cuff is going to be the best option for you!  Jessica Kagan Cushman is actually a very well known person – as she is the daughter of renowned furniture designer Vladimir Kagan.  This incredible designer is known for making jewelry that is very bold and beautiful looking.

Jessica Kagan Cushman actually studied jewelry making at the Jewelry Arts Institute in NYC and the Silvermine Guild in Connecticut.  What she is really known for is her bracelets and bangles that actually have quotes and phrases from movies and literature as well as NYC graffiti.

This particular cuff is actually one of her most popular – it really looks like there are stars right on your wrist!  Absolutely breathtaking!


10 2009

Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry from Heidi Daus

daus3Vintage jewelry is all the rage right now, whether it comes to rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, or earrings. And by all accounts — and as you can plainly see — few jewelry designers do it better than Heidi Daus, who has no less than twenty five years worth of experience behind her. Within her aesthetic, you can tell she loves both vintage jewelry and estate jewelry.

This particular piece is a bracelet featuring, as you can see, a knot. It is, in fact, the “Forget Me Knot” (get it?) Crystal Accented Bangle, measuring seven and a quarter inches. It features many rows of round, black, diamond color crystals in pave set.

It, like many of Heidi Daus’ other pieces, incorporate a kind of Art Deco style that speaks of both rampant sophistication and extreme edginess.


07 2009

From Engagement Ring to Divorce Diamond

pejayb5605It has happened to all of us.  An ex boyfriend once bought us a promise ring which we can understandably no longer bring ourselves to wear.  Perhaps an engagement went downhill and you, of course, kept the ring, even though it is now languishing in the back of your drawer, unworn but not quite forgotten.  Worse yet, perhaps you have gone through the devastation that is a divorce, and have no idea what to do with the rings you once wore with pride.  You cannot bear to get rid of these rings, but neither do you want to wear them.  It seems like such a waste of diamonds and other precious stones though, does it not?  Until quite recently, your only real choices were to live with it or pawn them — and pawning is such a tough thing to do.  I mean, we are talking about diamonds here!

Fortunately, PeJay Creations has the answer to that problem.  Think about getting your old promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring into a divorce diamond.  It can become a hinged bracelet for some surprisingly affordable prices.


06 2009

Roberto Coin: Oh My God — This Designer Is Awesome!

So it has to be said that I absolutely have fallen head over heels for Roberto Coin.  This guy has been features all over the world and he is definitely one of the best jewelry designers out there now.  Take this incredible piece – honestly, really look at it.  The detail that has went into this piece is absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that while, I am not obsessed with horses, I could definitely see myself wearing this bangle.

I also love the fact that Roberto Coin is Italian.  Personally, I think that Italian designers for jewelry are incredible and they honestly … seriously are better than most designers.  The quality that goes into every single piece is absolutely impeccable and they really know what they are doing.

So if you want attention to detail, you got it with Roberto Coin people!


06 2009

Charm Bracelets: They Are Definitely All The Fashion!

When it comes to fashion, it is pretty obvious that it is ever-changing and constantly updating.  One thing that I’ve noticed that is completely timeless is the charm bracelet.  Whether the charms are silver, gold or diamond, it doesn’t matter, the entire theme of the charm bracelet itself is so timeless and it will never change!  One of the coolest things I think about charm bracelets is building up all of the charms.

Remember when you were a child and you were given your very first charm bracelet and you were told that now you had to collect all of the charms to make the entire bracelet full?  Wasn’t that an exciting adventure?  You got to pick up charms from all sorts of places?  Well, I remember it and honestly, that was a brilliant idea and when I was a child it was so much fun!

Now, you are an adult and they have created charm bracelets for the kid inside of you!  Take a look at the picture, it is a charm bracelet just one all put together!


02 2009