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Brian Danielle Icon Necklaces: Hip & Cool!

php421268940662Now that we have talked a little bit about the rebel in us all, let’s go ahead and move onto some icons that truly make any outfit.  That is what Brian Danielle’s icon necklaces are all about.  They are to block out the bad vibes and to truly bring some peace to you.

These necklaces are actually pretty awesome looking and they are all done up right with black diamonds, which is fantastic whenever you are looking to stay a little hip and cool.  There are also those chains to consider and Brian Danielle really knows how to add on the chains.

Personally, I think that Brian Danielle really knows what he is doing whenever he designs some jewelry!


04 2010

Hot & Chic 2010 Jewelry Trends: 2


Now that we have talked about pearls as one of the hottest trends for the spring in the way of jewelry, let’s touch on another trend that is quickly becoming increasingly popular and that is flowers.  Incorporating flowers into jewelry pieces is a great way to truly bring in your spring side and really can brighten anything up!

Whether you are looking to have a flower necklace or you have a bracelet, it does not matter, there are a ton of different things that you can do to incorporate floral designs into your jewelry pieces.

Finding the right jewelry trends can be difficult but when you know what they are, you want to make sure to follow them!


02 2010

V-Day Jewelry — What’s Hot: 2

Christa HopeNow that we have talked about one piece that is absolutely breathtaking for this Valentine’s Day – let’s move onto necklaces shall we?  Now, I have a designer that is definitely making waves and certainly hand-crafting some of the best pieces that I have seen on the market in a long, long time.

If you are looking for jewelry that is beautiful and breathtaking, Christa Hope is the designer that you are going to want to look for.  This is just one piece that she has done and I think that it is absolutely beautiful and I would love for it to be mine!  Not only is the India Blue something I have never seen but the way she brings it to live is awesome.

Christa Hope – I just want to commend you for producing some of the best jewelry I have seen in a really long time!


02 2010

Trends In Jewelry For 2010: 2

img-thingAlthough the metal disc design is something absolutely beautiful and totally in right now, I can tell you for sure that there are a ton of other trends out there that you are going to see pop up in 2010.  One trend that you are going to notice is a lot of natural stones being produced in a lot of the jewelry.

Natural stones are stones that have been tumbled and polished right up and they look absolutely beautiful encased in gold or silver.  It is a very eclectic look that a lot of people are attempting to pull off and it is only going to grow bigger in 2010.

Another trend in colors is black … a lot of black is going to be shown and going to show up on the runway in 2010, so keep that in mind.


01 2010

Trends In Jewelry For 2010: 1

800x800It is a brand new year people and finally – finally, we have made it through 2009 and onto 2010.  Want to know what that brings?  A whole new set of trends for you to follow for 2010 and the first trend that we are going to talk about is metal discs.

When you are dealing with fashion, it is constantly – constantly changing and it is very, very hard to keep track of however, that is what we are here for – to help you keep track of all of the constantly changing trends.

Right now, I can tell you that mesh chains that are embellished with some metal discs as well as oversized metal flowers are extremely popular in 2010.  It is all about big, bold and beautiful this year!  More trends in the next blog!


01 2010

Shattered Dreams? How about Dreams Fulfilled?

shattered dreamsBijules NYC Jewelry is most definitely one of a kind. A very well known and incredibly respected line of both jewelry and accessories, Bijules NYC Jewelry has received renown even through the international presses. The brand is incredibly unique, extremely talented in created pieces designed to celebrate not just fashion and style, but individuality as well.

And it most definitely does so. For example, just take a look at the Bijules 14K Vermeil “Shattered Dreams” Necklace. It is classified as a triptych medallion, because the pendant is hung on three individual gold chains and it actually weaves a story about the process of aging.  Specifically, it tells us that things can get more complicated as we get older, that they can begin to shatter and fall apart — but if we are responsible and if we have a good head on our shoulders, then we can put the pieces back together again and keep our lives in tact.

Talk about a strong message!


12 2009

Dori Csengeri Brings Aphrodite to Life

aphroditeI have just fallen in love, friends and jewelry lovers, with Dori Csengeri Designer Jewelry in general and a specific piece in general. But first, I definitely think we need to talk a little bit about Dori Csengeri, who finds inspiration in both art fashion. Her jewelry is completely sewn by hand with tried and true techniques. We are talking serious needlework here, among other techniques, which leads to some of the most unique, one of a kind jewelry you will ever hope to find.

They are the true definition of haute couture: handmade and completely original, an array of beautiful stones, crystal beads with a bohemian flair, cabochons, metal, shells, wood, and leather.

Take, for instance, this gorgeous handcrafted Aphrodite Necklace.  With its beautiful color palette and sensual designs, it definitely channels the Greek goddess of Love.


12 2009

Jamie Wolf’s Necklaces Will Leave You Howling at the Moon

necklaceJamie Wolf used to dance with the New York City Ballet, something you can tell in the grace and elegance of her jewelry designs. She only began doing it full time about five years ago, but a ten year history dancing ballet certainly made a huge impact on her design aesthetic.

The 18K White Gold Rose of France Flower Necklace showcases that elegance beautifully. It has a clover chain made of diamonds and 18k white gold, and it is crowned with a Rose of France stone in the center — one that is 26.65 carats. There are eight clovers that have diamond centers surround the gorgeous lavender stone.

I love absolutely everything about this necklace, which goes for just over thirty five hundred dollars.  Hey, you guys, Christmas is coming up … not that I’m hinting or anything.


11 2009

Fluid Torsade Necklaces: The Next New Trend!

Fluid Torsade NecklacesWith so many jewelry trends flowing around the world right now, it is very, very hard to keep track of them all … that is what I am here for though.  To make sure that you guys truly do get the best of the best in jewelry trends so you can accessorize and be extremely stylish!  Well, for the fall and winter months, Fluid Torsade Necklaces are actually the newest trend out there.

Now, I know that you might be thinking that these are the necklaces that were worn by women in the 80’s and hell, you are probably right but I have to say that the updated versions of these particular necklaces are absolutely beautiful!

Today, Fluid Torsade Necklaces actually have a modern twist such as satin ties as clasps and even some beautiful and enchanting charms.


10 2009

Rodney Rayner Will Steal Your Heart

raynerRodney Rayner is a British jewelry designer who has received praise and fame from all over the world thanks to his colorful, bold, and innovative designs. He can go from beautiful and dramatic to chic and stylish in an instant, which is what makes the famed Rodney Rayner collection so fresh and new. The collection is constantly evolving and endlessly edgy, with a finger always on the pulse of the latest design and fashion trends. This is a designer who has been awarded the Town and Country Couture Design Award for Best Jewelry Design in Colored Gemstones three times.

One look at these gorgeous heart shaped Rodney Rayner Gemstone Pendants and it is easy to see why — I personally see a fourth win sometime in his future.


10 2009