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Timeless Silver Jewelry For Men!

Mens JewelryWhen you think about it – men do not have a whole lot of options in the world for jewelry.  While I know that men … celebrities at least have a lot of choices, they are usually too expensive for the modern man and that is the main reason why men do not buy jewelry.  Well, there are truly a lot of pieces out there that many guys don’t know about and one of them is this stainless steel dog tag.

Dog tags are something that are very in style right now for guys and they are something that are never – ever going to go out of style either.  Personally, I love a guy that wears a silver dog tag; it makes them look a little dangerous and certainly perks my interest a little bit.

If you are looking for dog tags, just look them up online – you can find them pretty much anywhere and they are ever-so-chic!


09 2009

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace: Chic & Timeless!

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace Have you ever noticed that when you go into a woman’s jewelry box, there are many different styles, many different pieces and all around tons of different accessories?  One of the recent things that I found in my mother’s jewelry box actually was the Veronica 4 Strand Necklace.  This perfect necklace is one that looks so familiar to me yet so new all in the same token.  It is something that is beautiful as well.

The Veronica 4 Strand Necklace is actually multiple stands of shimmering little Czech stones paired with glass beads are what make up this beautiful piece of jewelry.  The shortest strand ranges around 18.5” and the longest strand is about 21”.

The clasp is silver and beautiful and all around, this is a must-have for nighttime activities!  The price is about $138, but it is so worth it!


09 2009

Mikimoto Jewelry: Check Out This Brand!

Mikimoto is one of those designers that has actually succeeded in producing some of the world’s first culture pearls.  That happened in 1893 and since then, this incredible brand has been making waves and setting some of the most incredible standards in jewelry, it truly is incredible.  The quality and consistency that comes with the Mikimoto name is absolutely remarkable and they definitely are the leading maker of pearls.

What you might not be aware of this season is that pearls are actually extremely hot and while you might not really think about it – if you get a Mikimoto, you will not only have a high quality pearl, but you will definitely be at the height of fashion in the way of jewelry!

So check out Mikimoto – these standards are high and all around, the jewelry rocks!


06 2009

Vera Wang Jewelry: It’s Incredible Looking!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is one of those designers that has not been around for a while but she seems like she has been around for a while.  While her bridal gowns are extremely sought after and she is absolutely incredible with a needle and thread, when she decided to try her hand at jewelry making – well, I was skeptical at first but now that I actually see some of her work, I can definitely appreciate the fact that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Take this beautiful piece that is filled with glass pearls, tulle and a ribbon tie.  This is a fantastic match for any one of those bridal gowns that she has and I think that Vera is going to stick in the bridal scene.  That seems to be her trademark and she is definitely good at it!

This is wedding season ladies, if you want something unique and different – Vera has you covered from head to toe now!


05 2009

Arman’s Hand of God Pendant: It Certainly Looks Good!

Arman’s Hand of God Pendant

So honestly, I have been seeing this necklace everywhere as of late and I finally had do to my research on it and find out exactly what it is.  Well folks, this little necklace is actually the Arman’s Hand of God Pendant and for those of you that do not know, Arman jewelry is actually a total blend of gothic and vintage.

Personally, that is totally my style.  I am absolutely gothic (well, I was back in the day) and I love old and vintage items, so this was certainly the perfect necklace for me!  It is a mixture of yellow gold along with some silver and even some rose-cut diamonds. 

For just over one thousand dollars, this little necklace is certainly making waves all over the place and it is definitely one of my hot picks of the week!


05 2009

Premier Designs : Can You Do It?

Premier Designs

So really – if you people have never heard of Premier Designs, this is going to be quite an education for you!  Premier Designs is sort of like Mary Kay for jewelry.  No – really, it is!  You know those parties that you go to with some of your friends?  You now how when you go to them there are a bunch of vendors set up, trying to sell you things?  Well ladies that is what Premier Designs is all about.

In this economy people are doing really anything to make money.  People are getting laid off all over the place and it sucks … that is why companies like Premier Designs are becoming more and more popular in this day and age.  People are looking for ways to supplement their income and if selling jewelry can do it?  Well then, that is fantastic!

The cool thing about Premier Designs is the fact that there are so many vendors and so much jewelry to choose from!  The fact that Premier Designs has been around forever is fantastic as well!


04 2009

Christian Dior: The Jewelry!

So I have to say that personally, I think Christian Dior is definitely one of the greatest designers in the world.  Not only do I absolutely love everything about his collections of clothing, but I love the hand bags and of course all of the shoes that he has come out with.  When I realized that I had not ever seen any jewelry by Christian Dior, I decided to look it up!

Honestly, Christian Dior is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful jewelry I have ever seen.  Not only is this one amazing piece one of my favorites, but he has everything available from rings, bracelets and ever toe rings!  Honestly, and of course you know that you are going to be getting quality when you purchase something that has Dior’s name on it!

So if you are looking for style, quality and just all around a beautiful piece of jewelry, you definitely need to pick up a piece of Christian Dior – I can promise that you’ll love it!


02 2009

Pearls: They Are Definitely In!


One of the greatest things about pearls is the fact that they go with anything at all.  Take this pearl necklace for instance, it looks amazing and you can throw it on with anything!  Whether you are going out on a date and want to look amazing or you are just lounging around at home yet still want to have a little bit of sparkle on your neck!

Pearls this year are all the rave, they seem to be popping up everywhere from the celebrities necks all the way to the runway and if you happen to see this perfect little pearl, you may realize just why.  This necklace is breathtakingly beautiful and I don’t even like pearls!

So if you are looking to fit in this year in the way of jewelry, you should definitely crack out those pearls or get your hands on something like this, they are going fast ladies so you better get ‘em!


02 2009