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Ed Hardy + Watches = <3!

Don Ed Hardy When you think of a watch, what is usually the first thing that you think about?  Well, if you are me, then you think of Ed Hardy, the king of modern tattoos and bringing that particular rock ‘n roll trait into everything that he does.  We all know that Ed Hardy is known for his sophistication, his experimentation and also his depth, but what I did not know is that he was known for his beautiful watches!

Watches to me are something that not a lot of people wear anymore, but when you have something this beautiful in your possession, how can you not wear it?  A twist on a classic, Ed Hardy style is exactly what this beautiful watch represents.  Gold, bling and the ability to tell time – it is awesome!

So if you are style and fashion conscious, you should absolutely take a look into this beautiful piece of artwork!


08 2009