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H. Stern: This Jewelry Is Impeccable!

H. Stern

Whenever I think about H. Stern, the very first thought that usually comes to my mind is ‘damn, he’s good’.  All of his jewelry is absolutely incredible and these rings honestly, do not give the rest of his collection justice, but they are beautiful!  H. Stern, for those of you that do not know is a Brazilian jeweler and he has actually just released his latest collection.

The Star collection is all sorts of different pieces that have the same Stern Star cut in them.  This cut of a diamond is absolutely breathtaking and I know that it actually lets the diamond refract light in a way that seems almost similar to a real, live star!

So if you want different and exciting, you should take a look at H. Stern!  He’s the best in everything that he does!


05 2009

Hearts on Fire’s Architectural Collection

Without doubt, there are several jewelers throughout the world who are known for their exquisite pieces, dazzling creations, and superior workmanship. Hearts on Fire is one of those companies. Founded in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman, the American based company takes pride in being the supplier of “perfect diamonds”. So enraptured with perfection, they trademarked the term ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”.

Quickly becoming a leader in fine diamonds and luxury jewelry, the company is accepted by the community as one who defines the diamond industry. In 2006, The Robb Report, a magazine that writes about luxurious and expensive products ranging from boats to jewelry, recognized Hearts on Fire as an icon and an innovator. In the same year, the company designed a spectacular six and a half million dollar diamond bra for Victoria’s Secret.

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10 2008