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Wearing costume jewelry on different occasions

costume-jewelleryYou are attending an event and you have bought your shoes, your dress, and have chosen from your collection of bags but what jewelry do you wear. Knowing the dress code should give you an idea what costume jewelry to wear so you will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

White Tie

You can go crazy with costume jewelry if you are going to a white tie event. Have fun with your accessories! You can go very glam with a jewel-dropping piece of necklace and pair it up with some matching earrings. In case you have your hair up, go for some sparkles and wear an elegant, chandelier pair of earrings. Vintage costume pieces will also look excellent.

Black Tie

You have an endless list of choices when going to a black tie affair as you have a very wide range of stuff you can wear. The key is to go for an elegant and glamorous look whether you will do that with glitzy earrings or a nice ravishing necklace is up to you. Think of what you will be wearing if you will be attending the Oscar’s. Think of the red carpet. Add some color to your black dress by wearing a chic and bright necklace or tone down a bright attire with some clear crystals hanging down your earrings or neck.

Cocktail Party

A cocktail dress can be spruced up with some costume jewelry. You can go for a sparkling brooch or an elegant necklace. You do not want to overdo all the glitz but the right accessories will complete your amazing getup. Do not forget the cocktail ring!


Relax and express yourself. Smart-casual affairs will allow you to show your individuality. As you can almost wear anything, a lot of women tend to go very simple with a sundress or a trouser suit. You can splash some colors to make a bit of a statement.


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