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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


Well, of course diamond’s are a girl’s best friend — we’ve all known that for years.  But did you realize that platinum is a really close runner up?  A lot of jewelry designers are choosing platinum of yellow gold, white gold, and silver — and when you look at a piece like the one above, it is very easy to see why!

That is a band designed by Cathy Waterman.  Never heard of her?  Yeah, I had never heard of her either — nor had I heard of any of the other jewelry designers which are going to be featured in the weeks to come.  It is amazing how many awesome designers out there that many of us have never heard of, but who make some of the most gorgeous jewelry you have ever seen.

Like this diamond and platinum baby band, just as a for instance.  When you take one look at it, it is hard to understand why you haven’t been checking out works by this designer long before now, right?


01 2009