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Tom Binns: This Jeweler Is Amazing!

chandelier earrings

Now of course, I was just going to do a post about chandelier earrings, but when I found these beautiful chandelier earrings from Tom Binns, I thought I would throw them up here for everyone to see!  These earrings are definitely something that I would wear and I do not even have my ears pierced!  The way that the colors are combine not to mention the cut of everything is absolutely beautiful and I have to say that I am digging on Tom Binns pieces!

Chandelier earrings are the type of earrings that not everyone in the world can pull off and while I think that most people would love a pair of these … you definitely have to make sure that you have the face for it.  Personally, adding anything more to my face or framing it would be bad, but oval faces would look really good with these!

So check out some more chandelier earrings by Tom Binns and see what you like!


05 2009