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Rhinestone Hoop Earrings: They Are Back In Style!

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings When I think of rhinestones – all that usually comes to my mind is my bedazzler, however these are not like the little gems that I used to glue to my denim jacket – these rhinestones are actually beautiful and to be honest … hoop earrings are actually in right now.  The cool thing about Rhinestone Hoop Earrings is the fact that they are inexpensive yet they look expensive … which is the entire point right?  Right.

One thing that I have noticed about rhinestones is the fact they sort of look like diamonds – however they aren’t and they are glitzier and more glamorous, which makes them perfect paired with your little black dress or even just some skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top.  Anything sexy and fashionable would make these earrings stand right out!

So really … get on the bus and get yourself some Rhinestone Hoop Earrings because they are really hot!


07 2009

By Boe Jewelry: It Does Look Sweet!

By Boe In this day and age, you do not see a lot of jewelry teams that are actually related.  Annika and Philippe Salame launched the jewelry line By Boe in 2000 and every since, this duo has been racking in the cash and has been creating handmade jewelry side-by-side.  This is a husband and wife team and I think their mixture of jewelry that is soft, subtle and all around beautiful is something that I would be willing to buy.

These little earrings are the latest earrings by By Boe and they are the Coral Chandelier Earrings and they actually sort of do look like chandeliers, which to me is so intriguing and cool looking!  Celebrities have been all over By Boe for years, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa and Tyra Banks and those some of the hugest names nowadays!

So really, check out By Boe – I mean, these earrings are only $65.00!


07 2009

Richard Palermo Is One Designer That Is Gaining Attention!

Richard Palermo It is funny to think about Richard Palermo and just how his jewelry career began.  Most of the time, designers begin at the bottom of the chains and when they rise up to the top, then and only then, huge chains like Tiffany & Co or Harry Winston will look at you – however, Richard Palermo actually began at Cartier and Tiffany & Co.  He has been designing jewelry for over 30 years and while he might have started out in just the fine arts, jewelry has always been his passion.

Whether you are looking for something that is big or something small, Richard Palermo definitely has you covered.  He has all sorts of signature pieces that are just him and him alone and his natural and vintage themes have really captured a lot of hearts.  Whether you want something simple or you want something complex, Richard Palermo is a designer that can really assist you.

So if you want the highest quality and the finest looking piece of jewelry, Richard Palermo is going to be the designer that you want to look into!


07 2009

Mikimoto Jewelry: Check Out This Brand!

Mikimoto is one of those designers that has actually succeeded in producing some of the world’s first culture pearls.  That happened in 1893 and since then, this incredible brand has been making waves and setting some of the most incredible standards in jewelry, it truly is incredible.  The quality and consistency that comes with the Mikimoto name is absolutely remarkable and they definitely are the leading maker of pearls.

What you might not be aware of this season is that pearls are actually extremely hot and while you might not really think about it – if you get a Mikimoto, you will not only have a high quality pearl, but you will definitely be at the height of fashion in the way of jewelry!

So check out Mikimoto – these standards are high and all around, the jewelry rocks!


06 2009

Roberto Coin: Oh My God — This Designer Is Awesome!

So it has to be said that I absolutely have fallen head over heels for Roberto Coin.  This guy has been features all over the world and he is definitely one of the best jewelry designers out there now.  Take this incredible piece – honestly, really look at it.  The detail that has went into this piece is absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that while, I am not obsessed with horses, I could definitely see myself wearing this bangle.

I also love the fact that Roberto Coin is Italian.  Personally, I think that Italian designers for jewelry are incredible and they honestly … seriously are better than most designers.  The quality that goes into every single piece is absolutely impeccable and they really know what they are doing.

So if you want attention to detail, you got it with Roberto Coin people!


06 2009

Vera Wang Jewelry: It’s Incredible Looking!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is one of those designers that has not been around for a while but she seems like she has been around for a while.  While her bridal gowns are extremely sought after and she is absolutely incredible with a needle and thread, when she decided to try her hand at jewelry making – well, I was skeptical at first but now that I actually see some of her work, I can definitely appreciate the fact that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Take this beautiful piece that is filled with glass pearls, tulle and a ribbon tie.  This is a fantastic match for any one of those bridal gowns that she has and I think that Vera is going to stick in the bridal scene.  That seems to be her trademark and she is definitely good at it!

This is wedding season ladies, if you want something unique and different – Vera has you covered from head to toe now!


05 2009

De Grisogono: This Designer Kicks Butt!

De Grisogono

Whenever I am looking for something unique, especially in the way of jewelry, I turn to De Grisogono.  Seriously, google this guy and you will see all sorts of jewelry that you will never, ever see anywhere else and to be honest, I like that part of it. 

It is one thing to design jewelry and do it well but it is quite another to design jewelry that no one else in the world can really match.  Really – can you match that beautiful ring?  Probably not!

De Grisogono is by far one of the most unique jewelers out there and really, even as I am staring at the ring I am posting here, I have to say that it really does not do him justice.  There are so many other pieces out there but this one is by far one of the most different pieces.  So check him out!


04 2009