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Glam Up Your Phone: For A Price!


In this day and age, it is no wonder that everything is iced in diamonds, including all of our electronics!  Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and even Armani have all entered into the designer phone market and are all creating superior phones that include diamonds, gold, silver and even platinum!  For example, do you see the picture?  Well my darling readers that is the newest Christian Dior phone of diamonds.  It is set with roughly six-hundred-forty-one diamonds in all and it weighs in with about 3.251 carats.

While of course this beautiful phone is going to be expensive, isn’t it so worth it?  To have a phone that is encrusted with diamonds?  Well, I certainly think so, but if you want this phone, you are definitely going to have to make bank because it runs about twenty-eight thousand dollars.  Yes, that is a two and an eight with a whole lot of zeros behind it.

This phone is not just beautiful though, it is a piece of technology – like the flat electro-luminescent keyboard and the fact that it comes with a luxe crocodile holder all make the deal a little sweeter right?  Right.  Have fun!

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01 2009