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Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 4

Engagement rings

Finally, after you have done everything from sketching out your budget to figuring out which style she wants, you now have to figure out the cut of the diamond.  You definitely want to get a diamond that is going to look incredible on her finger and that is going to sparkle and shine in the sun.

This is where more research comes in … you definitely want to make sure that wherever you are getting the ring from that they let you know the clarity of the diamond that you are getting in the ring.  Or heck, if you even want to go with a diamond.  There are tons of gemstones out there that look beautiful and that many brides are prefer over a diamond.

Times have changed nowadays and you really just need to find something that is perfect for your blushing bride.  Just remember, the engagement ring is very … very important you certainly do not want something that is going to be bad looking on your girls finger.


04 2009

Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 3

Vintage Ring

After you have figured out your budget, the next step is going to be choosing the setting.  This is going to be the hard part as there really are a whole lot of different settings.  This is another thing that you are going to have to research but to be honest, hint around with your girlfriend about it.  Ask her what rings she likes and heck, you could even take her jewelry shopping and casually head over to the engagement ring area.

The ring style is going to be one of the most important things as this is going to be something that she is going to be wearing all of the time.  You certainly do not want something that looks like it came out of a gumball machine and you do not want a diamond that she can barely see right?

After you decide on the style  … there is still more guys.  See!  Told you there is a lot to know whenever you are getting an engagement ring!


04 2009