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Victoria’s Secret reveals $2.5-million brassiere

victorias-secretEvery year, Victoria’s Secret unwraps a multimillion brassiere bejeweled with diamonds and gemstones in unimaginable proportions for an underwear. One lucky mode also gets to don it on the runway.

This year the gem studded bra is priced at $2.5 million featuring a a floral theme. The bra-and-belt jaw-dropping set sports 5,200 gems ranging from yellow diamonds, yellow gold, rose gold, pink diamonds, and white diamonds.

The bejeweled intimate piece was designed by London Jewelers, a retailer based in New York. The Very Sexy Push-up item has two diamond pins taking the shape of flowers with a drop centerpiece using two big white diamonds measuring 20 and 12.5 carats.

Alessandra Ambrosio was tapped this year to model the much awaited bra following the footsteps of the past models who donned the Fantasy Bra like Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bundchen. She will also wear it on the runway during the Secret show of Victoria’s Secret this week.

For 2012, the brand also added a perfume bottle embellished with diamonds, tsavorites, rubies, and sapphires. The price tag for this Bombshell collection is a whopping $500,000.

The designers of the bra, the belt, and the perfume bottle went thru the painful manual selection of gems. They picked the best from the 15,000 stones they examined.

Interested parties can purchase the bra, the belt, or the perfume bottle thru their Dreams and Fantasies Catalog for Christmas or via their iPad app especially designed for the holiday season.


12 2012

Finding exclusive jewelry without breaking the bank

jewelry-ringYou may be looking for pieces of jewelry that you want to add to your precious collection but you do not want to use up your retirement money for them. In case you do not have the money for the big diamonds, you can still get amazing statement pieces or a beautiful accessory that you can use everyday. Here are some tips to help you those wonderful pieces of jewelry:

Think of other brands

As much as we want to fancy a small box from Tiffany & Co., buying from this store is paying about 80% more because of the brand. Try to balance how you spend your money and how you want to find the nice piece of jewelry. Checkout local brands and shops that can offer high quality at more affordable prices.

Go for your birthstone

If you want a unique piece of jewelry, diamonds are not just the only answers. You can go for birthstones like peridot, tanzanite, or garnet. You can still use diamonds as accents to your statement piece. These stones are more affordable than the bigger diamonds.


Diamonds maybe forever but another choice is to use pearls for your exclusive jewelry pieces. Aside from being more affordable, they are also very elegant. You can also look for cultured pearls which are way cheaper than the natural pearls. Avoid pearls with cloudy surfaces since with pearls, your number one gauge for quality is its luster.

Alter old pieces

You can take older pieces of jewelry and upgrade them. You can reset the stones of your silver or gold rings to platinum for example. This is still cost effective since you already have the elements for the jewelry you want to make. You just need to pay for the labor.


07 2012

Guys, Let Jeff Cooper Make Your Love Eternal

mens-ringIt is sort of easy to forget that plenty of men like jewelry too. Sometimes the only thing that reminds me to be more gender equal is when I run across a really stunning piece, like this ring by designer Jeff Cooper.

Cooper is based in New York, and has the distinction of being voted the Designer of the Year, courtesy of the Platinum Guild International. Once you have seen his work, it is easy to understand why he earned that title.

Take, for instance, the piece here — the Jeff Cooper Eternal 12 Platinum and Diamond Mens Wedding Band. The six millimeter band features twelve princess cut diamonds with a bevel set, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Love is eternal; marriage is eternal; fine jewelry is eternal; rings are eternal; and the ring is called Eternal — you do the math!


09 2009

This Is What Happens When a Sculptor Becomes a Jewelry Designer

earringsCharles Krypell is a jewelry designer now, but he used to be a sculptor, and when you look at his pieces, that information really is not surprising. There is an exquisite attention to detail in the jewelry pieces he designs. His jewelry is absolutely timeless with a depth of sophistication.

Take, for instance, the Charles Krypell Diamond and Green Tourmaline Dangle Earrings. These are so absolutely beautiful they just about take my breath away.

The 18k earrongs are two tone gold, and they contain two green tourmaline gems with a honeycomb cushion cut. The aesthetic is extremely innovative while remaining classic, elegant, even somehow graceful.

The tourmaline is 5.78 carats, and the earrings also feature a total of .45 carat worth of round cut yellow sapphires, along with beautifully cut diamonds.


09 2009

Versace Has Vibrant Jewelry, Too!

ver3-2When you want classic, stylish, sophisticated clothing with an edge, you turn to Versace. When you want classic, stylish, sophisticated jewelry with an edge, you go to Versace as well.

There are a lot of labels behind the Versace brand — Versace Jeans Couture, Gianni Versace Couture, plus several more. It is in Gianni Versace Couture that you can find the most exquisite jewelry you have ever seen.

I have fallen in love with this Topaz and Diamonds White Gold Ring, for instance. Usually I am not the biggest fan of topaz but I really like this, especially the way it flows with the diamonds and the white gold, which form one of my favorite combinations. The topaz is a very opulent, very decadent blue and it is accented with two Vs in perfect symmetry, complete with brilliant cut, round pave diamonds.


09 2009

Engagement Rings? Royal Asscher Has You Covered!

Royal Asscher Eclipse Diamond Engagement RingLet’s have a chat about some of the latest things about the Royal Asscher family – it has been quite a while since I have done a blog about what they are doing right?  Well, I have to say that they are up to nothing but good and as always, they come to impress.

Their Eclipse collection is no different at all and this is just one engagement ring from that collection.  I love the fact that this particular ring not only has a beautifully cut diamond in the middle, but the ring itself is thicker and the circles of diamonds are very attractive.

The Royal Asscher Eclipse collection is something that I took a deep look at every single piece and I have found that they are all beautifully done and once again, the Royal Asscher is a family that I would be very proud to have on my finger!


08 2009

Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry from Heidi Daus

daus3Vintage jewelry is all the rage right now, whether it comes to rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, or earrings. And by all accounts — and as you can plainly see — few jewelry designers do it better than Heidi Daus, who has no less than twenty five years worth of experience behind her. Within her aesthetic, you can tell she loves both vintage jewelry and estate jewelry.

This particular piece is a bracelet featuring, as you can see, a knot. It is, in fact, the “Forget Me Knot” (get it?) Crystal Accented Bangle, measuring seven and a quarter inches. It features many rows of round, black, diamond color crystals in pave set.

It, like many of Heidi Daus’ other pieces, incorporate a kind of Art Deco style that speaks of both rampant sophistication and extreme edginess.


07 2009

Steven Zale Is The Designer Of The Season!

Steven ZaleIf there is one thing that I love, it is a man that knows exactly how to pick out and even design his own jewelry.  That is one thing that I absolutely love about Steven Zale.  This guy has everything!  He knows his style, he knows his fashion and he absolutely knows how to please a woman via diamonds!  This guy has been around for years and I have to say that Steven Zale has done quite well for himself … honestly!  First he was the designer of the Demeter Jewelry line and now I believe he might have his own line!

Steven Zale is one of those jewelry designers that are known for their pieces and just like this ring here, his pieces are constantly being worn by all sorts of different celebrities to all sorts of different places.  You know that you are golden when a celebrity starts wearing your stuff … seriously.

So if you want glam, glitz and everything between, Steven is going to be your man!  He is the best and he is one hot designer this season!


06 2009

Rive Gauche by Jean-Louis Jewelry Is Hot This Season

Jean-Louis Jewelry Rive Gauche.  Is that a name that you know?  If you are not a jewelry buff like I am, you probably have absolutely no idea what that name is.  It is actually a brand name for some of the best jewelry in the world.  Rive Gauche Jewelry is interesting and sold only on HSN, which is not what I watch all that often, but I might now that I know it is just sold there – I’m an internet chick, I look everything up on the web.  What makes this particular jewelry so interesting is the fact that it is made with Technibond.

What is Technibond?  It is actually a patented gold plating process that every single Rive Gauche piece of jewelry goes through.  Basically, it consists of about 40mm of 18K gold bonded with some sterling silver to make this beautiful lighter gold color that looks awesome.  Each and every piece of this jewelry that is sold off of HSN has a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about it!

So this is just one example of an HSN piece – you should look up some more, because they truly are worth the money spent!


06 2009

From Engagement Ring to Divorce Diamond

pejayb5605It has happened to all of us.  An ex boyfriend once bought us a promise ring which we can understandably no longer bring ourselves to wear.  Perhaps an engagement went downhill and you, of course, kept the ring, even though it is now languishing in the back of your drawer, unworn but not quite forgotten.  Worse yet, perhaps you have gone through the devastation that is a divorce, and have no idea what to do with the rings you once wore with pride.  You cannot bear to get rid of these rings, but neither do you want to wear them.  It seems like such a waste of diamonds and other precious stones though, does it not?  Until quite recently, your only real choices were to live with it or pawn them — and pawning is such a tough thing to do.  I mean, we are talking about diamonds here!

Fortunately, PeJay Creations has the answer to that problem.  Think about getting your old promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring into a divorce diamond.  It can become a hinged bracelet for some surprisingly affordable prices.


06 2009