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Spring Jewelry — Flower Trends: 1

Lacquered Rose EarringsSpring is finally here and Easter is tomorrow and already, I can feel the run shining and the heat coming up and the changes in the trends for fashion – especially jewelry.  There are so many different jewelry trends out there; it might actually be really hard to follow them all but one trend that you should keep in mind is floral.

Floral jewelry is something that is brand new and has been popping up everywhere and I can not say that I am surprised nor am I not excited.  In fact, I am super, super excited about flowers and the fact that jewelers are making all kinds of beautiful flower pieces!

Take these rose earrings for example – they are breathtakingly beautiful and totally springy!


04 2010

Go High Fashion with Amethyst Chandelier Earrings

amethyst-chandeliersJewelry designer Linda Singh often visits India, which is the ancestral home of her husband. She finds inspiration there as well, especially in the form of the one of a kind, breathtaking artisan jewelry which can be found at many of the local shops there.

The ultimate result of this inspiration was Sitara Collections, which contain gorgeous accessories that are completely handmade. The best part? A portion of the proceeds for the jewelry are donated to a school located in India.

And why not buy, when you have pieces like these stunning Amethyst Chandeliers? Chandelier earrings are hugely popular, but I have honestly never seen a pair as beautiful as this pair. There are clusters of dazzling amethyst and other amethysts with bezel settings.


11 2009

Jardin Jewelry Is Just to Die For!

jardinJardin Jewelry is well known for putting out pieces which are inspired by some of the most stunning European designs around, as well as the current trends in jewelry. The ICE collection, for example, is simply to die for, featuring pieces made with sterling silver and high quality stones, in addition to Austrian crystals that are almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

The pieces are made in a way that mimics the making of fine jewelry, but the prices are much, much more affordable.

That is how you could purchase these gorgeous Jardin Silver Cubic Zirconia Pave Teardrop Earrings. Now, I know, I know, cubic zirconia is not something a lot of jewelry lovers like to think about, but look at how gorgeous these earrings are — and they retail for just about a hundred dollars!


10 2009

This Is What Happens When a Sculptor Becomes a Jewelry Designer

earringsCharles Krypell is a jewelry designer now, but he used to be a sculptor, and when you look at his pieces, that information really is not surprising. There is an exquisite attention to detail in the jewelry pieces he designs. His jewelry is absolutely timeless with a depth of sophistication.

Take, for instance, the Charles Krypell Diamond and Green Tourmaline Dangle Earrings. These are so absolutely beautiful they just about take my breath away.

The 18k earrongs are two tone gold, and they contain two green tourmaline gems with a honeycomb cushion cut. The aesthetic is extremely innovative while remaining classic, elegant, even somehow graceful.

The tourmaline is 5.78 carats, and the earrings also feature a total of .45 carat worth of round cut yellow sapphires, along with beautifully cut diamonds.


09 2009

Gotta-Have Earrings by John Brana

bra2John Brana’s jewelry collections are very distinctive. That they are designer is no question, but they are also exquisite hand crafted, the pieces generally completely unique and one of a kind.

Being a lover of most things amethyst, I was immediately struck by these Amethyst Wire Wrapped 14K Gold-filled Earrings. The polished spirals are filled with 14K gold, and then wrapped by hand with round beads of amethyst. The resulting dimension is quite daring.

The color is beautiful, and I love the design as well, even though I am not typically a fan of yellow gold.

This piece is part of John Bana’s Barbary Coast Collection, which encompasses many gorgeous pieces. It is filled with beads and gemstones, plenty of amethyst, amber, onyx, citrine, prehnite, and quartz, among other gems.


09 2009

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings: They Are Back In Style!

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings When I think of rhinestones – all that usually comes to my mind is my bedazzler, however these are not like the little gems that I used to glue to my denim jacket – these rhinestones are actually beautiful and to be honest … hoop earrings are actually in right now.  The cool thing about Rhinestone Hoop Earrings is the fact that they are inexpensive yet they look expensive … which is the entire point right?  Right.

One thing that I have noticed about rhinestones is the fact they sort of look like diamonds – however they aren’t and they are glitzier and more glamorous, which makes them perfect paired with your little black dress or even just some skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top.  Anything sexy and fashionable would make these earrings stand right out!

So really … get on the bus and get yourself some Rhinestone Hoop Earrings because they are really hot!


07 2009

Tom Binns: This Jeweler Is Amazing!

chandelier earrings

Now of course, I was just going to do a post about chandelier earrings, but when I found these beautiful chandelier earrings from Tom Binns, I thought I would throw them up here for everyone to see!  These earrings are definitely something that I would wear and I do not even have my ears pierced!  The way that the colors are combine not to mention the cut of everything is absolutely beautiful and I have to say that I am digging on Tom Binns pieces!

Chandelier earrings are the type of earrings that not everyone in the world can pull off and while I think that most people would love a pair of these … you definitely have to make sure that you have the face for it.  Personally, adding anything more to my face or framing it would be bad, but oval faces would look really good with these!

So check out some more chandelier earrings by Tom Binns and see what you like!


05 2009