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Floating Diamond Necklaces: What Are They?


So really, in my last post I was just assuming that everyone would know exactly what a floating diamond necklace would be, that isn’t the case considering I got a few e-mails.  All right folks, here is the answer to all of your questions!  The amazing and incredible looking floating diamond necklace is actually just what its name implies; it’s a necklace that … looks like it is floating on your neck!

Now, you are probably wondering exactly how designers achieve this incredible look and to be honest, it is done with fishing line.  You know how fishing line is extremely clear?  Well, that is how it is done!  You string together some incredible jewelry, knot them in place and you got yourself a floating diamond necklace!

Now folks, remember, floating diamond necklaces are incredible but they are pieces of jewelry that have to be cared for and that can be extremely difficult for a lot of people.  These necklaces do get tangled up really easily, so be careful!


03 2009