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By Boe Jewelry: It Does Look Sweet!

By Boe In this day and age, you do not see a lot of jewelry teams that are actually related.  Annika and Philippe Salame launched the jewelry line By Boe in 2000 and every since, this duo has been racking in the cash and has been creating handmade jewelry side-by-side.  This is a husband and wife team and I think their mixture of jewelry that is soft, subtle and all around beautiful is something that I would be willing to buy.

These little earrings are the latest earrings by By Boe and they are the Coral Chandelier Earrings and they actually sort of do look like chandeliers, which to me is so intriguing and cool looking!  Celebrities have been all over By Boe for years, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa and Tyra Banks and those some of the hugest names nowadays!

So really, check out By Boe – I mean, these earrings are only $65.00!


07 2009