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Trends In Jewelry For 2010: 1

800x800It is a brand new year people and finally – finally, we have made it through 2009 and onto 2010.  Want to know what that brings?  A whole new set of trends for you to follow for 2010 and the first trend that we are going to talk about is metal discs.

When you are dealing with fashion, it is constantly – constantly changing and it is very, very hard to keep track of however, that is what we are here for – to help you keep track of all of the constantly changing trends.

Right now, I can tell you that mesh chains that are embellished with some metal discs as well as oversized metal flowers are extremely popular in 2010.  It is all about big, bold and beautiful this year!  More trends in the next blog!


01 2010

What to Avoid When Buying Jewelry this Holiday Season: 2

jewelryNow, many people who have worked in jewelry stores will tell you that you really want to avoid buying any jewelry from the sales fliers. The reason? Well, the store is likely advertising those pieces because they want to get them out of there. They may not be great quality; at best, they are totally ordinary. Many people in the coming days will be wearing the exact same thing. Go for something more unique instead.

Guys, you cannot just assume that all women are exactly the same when it comes to the jewelry they like. Diamonds aren’t every girls’ best friend. All women have different tastes — that’s why it’s important to study what the recipient seems to like.

You also always want to make sure you are getting a good piece — and no, you don’t have to be an expert to tell. All you need to be able to do is spot occlusions and determine whether or not a stone has a good setting.


11 2009

What to Avoid When Buying Jewelry this Holiday Season

jewelry-giftIt goes without saying that jewelry makes a great gift during the holidays. However, you can run into a lot of trouble if you aren’t careful. Fortunately we have pinpointed the top mistakes you need to avoid when buying jewelry for someone else.

You need to do your research, first of all. Know what kinds of jewelry are out there. Heck, just do some Googling on the subject. Find out what qualifies a good diamond, what to look for in different gemstones, what cuts are out there, and things like that.

As well, you absolutely have to know what the intended recipient likes. The worst thing in the world is to buy a ruby ring for someone who prefers sapphires or to buy a beautiful pair of earrings for someone who doesn’t have pierced ears!


11 2009

Cocktail Rings: The Next Big Trend!

Cocktail RingsNow that we have talked about some necklaces, let’s go ahead and dive right into some rings!  These rings are not rings that you are going to be able to wear all of the time, but I can tell you that cocktail rings never actually go out of style.  With Christmas right around the corner, holiday parties are coming up and these rings are perfect paired with that little black dress you have tucked away!

Also, you can wear them to any special event that you might have coming up, not just parties.  These are perfect for really any occasion and if you purchase a good cocktail ring, I can promise that you are going to use it over and over again – which is awesome.

So if you want another fashion trend that is never going to go out of style, the cocktail ring is it!


10 2009

Fluid Torsade Necklaces: The Next New Trend!

Fluid Torsade NecklacesWith so many jewelry trends flowing around the world right now, it is very, very hard to keep track of them all … that is what I am here for though.  To make sure that you guys truly do get the best of the best in jewelry trends so you can accessorize and be extremely stylish!  Well, for the fall and winter months, Fluid Torsade Necklaces are actually the newest trend out there.

Now, I know that you might be thinking that these are the necklaces that were worn by women in the 80’s and hell, you are probably right but I have to say that the updated versions of these particular necklaces are absolutely beautiful!

Today, Fluid Torsade Necklaces actually have a modern twist such as satin ties as clasps and even some beautiful and enchanting charms.


10 2009

Jennifer Ouellette Skinny Gemstone Headband: Hot New Trend!

Jennifer Ouellette Skinny Gemstone HeadbandWhen you think about it – some of the most beautiful things in the world are vintage and that is the thought that Jennifer Ouellette has.  She actually grew to realize her love for fashion by going through her mother’s old and vintage clothing.  After she found out exactly what she wanted to do with her life — Jennifer Ouellette went on over to the University of Missouri and she focused in on design.

After that, London was where she really started to develop or talent and that is when she started to make this beautiful and unique looking headband.  She received a patent for this incredible design in 1999 and started making it!  Jennifer Ouellette has been featured in everything from Modern Bride all the way to Vogue!

So if you are looking for something different and chic — Jennifer Ouellette has you covered with this ingenious design!


10 2009

Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac Cuff: Check It Out!

Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac CuffWhen you are looking for style, class and grace – I can tell you that the Jessica Kagan Cushman Zodiac Cuff is going to be the best option for you!  Jessica Kagan Cushman is actually a very well known person – as she is the daughter of renowned furniture designer Vladimir Kagan.  This incredible designer is known for making jewelry that is very bold and beautiful looking.

Jessica Kagan Cushman actually studied jewelry making at the Jewelry Arts Institute in NYC and the Silvermine Guild in Connecticut.  What she is really known for is her bracelets and bangles that actually have quotes and phrases from movies and literature as well as NYC graffiti.

This particular cuff is actually one of her most popular – it really looks like there are stars right on your wrist!  Absolutely breathtaking!


10 2009

Timeless Silver Jewelry For Men!

Mens JewelryWhen you think about it – men do not have a whole lot of options in the world for jewelry.  While I know that men … celebrities at least have a lot of choices, they are usually too expensive for the modern man and that is the main reason why men do not buy jewelry.  Well, there are truly a lot of pieces out there that many guys don’t know about and one of them is this stainless steel dog tag.

Dog tags are something that are very in style right now for guys and they are something that are never – ever going to go out of style either.  Personally, I love a guy that wears a silver dog tag; it makes them look a little dangerous and certainly perks my interest a little bit.

If you are looking for dog tags, just look them up online – you can find them pretty much anywhere and they are ever-so-chic!


09 2009

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace: Chic & Timeless!

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace Have you ever noticed that when you go into a woman’s jewelry box, there are many different styles, many different pieces and all around tons of different accessories?  One of the recent things that I found in my mother’s jewelry box actually was the Veronica 4 Strand Necklace.  This perfect necklace is one that looks so familiar to me yet so new all in the same token.  It is something that is beautiful as well.

The Veronica 4 Strand Necklace is actually multiple stands of shimmering little Czech stones paired with glass beads are what make up this beautiful piece of jewelry.  The shortest strand ranges around 18.5” and the longest strand is about 21”.

The clasp is silver and beautiful and all around, this is a must-have for nighttime activities!  The price is about $138, but it is so worth it!


09 2009

Simmons Men’s Jewelry: The Men Need Some Love Too!

Simmons Men's JewelryWhen you think about it, us women mostly focus our attention and love for jewelry on ourselves and we do not think about the men’s piece of jewelry at all.  Well, Simmon’s Jewelry Co. has taken a turn for the best and they have actually come out with a beautiful men’s collection of bracelets, chains, rings and even some diamond earrings that you might want to borrow from your man!

These beautiful pieces are mainly focused for the urban-minded man, however in my mind, they look absolutely beautiful!  This particular brand includes some traditional diamonds and gold combinations; however there are some different things used as well – such as rubber and stainless steel, because we all know that a man loves his stainless steel.

In this collection, pieces range from $150.00 all the way to $15,000 – which is something that not a lot of collections have!


08 2009