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Timeless Silver Jewelry For Men!

Mens JewelryWhen you think about it – men do not have a whole lot of options in the world for jewelry.  While I know that men … celebrities at least have a lot of choices, they are usually too expensive for the modern man and that is the main reason why men do not buy jewelry.  Well, there are truly a lot of pieces out there that many guys don’t know about and one of them is this stainless steel dog tag.

Dog tags are something that are very in style right now for guys and they are something that are never – ever going to go out of style either.  Personally, I love a guy that wears a silver dog tag; it makes them look a little dangerous and certainly perks my interest a little bit.

If you are looking for dog tags, just look them up online – you can find them pretty much anywhere and they are ever-so-chic!


09 2009

Guys, Let Jeff Cooper Make Your Love Eternal

mens-ringIt is sort of easy to forget that plenty of men like jewelry too. Sometimes the only thing that reminds me to be more gender equal is when I run across a really stunning piece, like this ring by designer Jeff Cooper.

Cooper is based in New York, and has the distinction of being voted the Designer of the Year, courtesy of the Platinum Guild International. Once you have seen his work, it is easy to understand why he earned that title.

Take, for instance, the piece here — the Jeff Cooper Eternal 12 Platinum and Diamond Mens Wedding Band. The six millimeter band features twelve princess cut diamonds with a bevel set, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Love is eternal; marriage is eternal; fine jewelry is eternal; rings are eternal; and the ring is called Eternal — you do the math!


09 2009

Simmons Men’s Jewelry: The Men Need Some Love Too!

Simmons Men's JewelryWhen you think about it, us women mostly focus our attention and love for jewelry on ourselves and we do not think about the men’s piece of jewelry at all.  Well, Simmon’s Jewelry Co. has taken a turn for the best and they have actually come out with a beautiful men’s collection of bracelets, chains, rings and even some diamond earrings that you might want to borrow from your man!

These beautiful pieces are mainly focused for the urban-minded man, however in my mind, they look absolutely beautiful!  This particular brand includes some traditional diamonds and gold combinations; however there are some different things used as well – such as rubber and stainless steel, because we all know that a man loves his stainless steel.

In this collection, pieces range from $150.00 all the way to $15,000 – which is something that not a lot of collections have!


08 2009

Mr. Graham: This One’s for the Guys

mr-grahamSarah Graham is an awesome jewelry designer, extremely well known for the talent she has with hand crafting completely natural materials, such as coral, with other, more urban things, like chrome. Women the world over have long loved her jewelry — and now the guys are going to get their chance as well, with the imminent launching of Mr. Graham.

This is a men’s collection which has been inspired by Charles Darwin and the theory of Darwinism as it applies to the way art, fashion, and jewelry have all evolved.

The key inspiration for this line comes right out of the ocean. Tiny little organisms called radiolarian, to be exact.

The collection features sterling silver as well as blackened steel, and it is geared towards men who are into style and very conscious about it.

You can find everything from key chains to other pieces of moniker gear, not just jewelry.


07 2009

Versace: Check Out These Cufflinks!


I’ve been thinking and I think that Versace for me has definitely gone downhill and they certainly have put themselves on the back burner for quite a while.  I was a huge Versace fan for quite a while and then, when I was doing research for this blog, I simply could not even come up with anymore designers until I saw an add for Versace, it seems like they have just faded away into the background – until they came out with these amazing cufflinks!

Personally, I never really saw the point of cufflinks, but now – now I can see it and I definitely think that Versace has outdone themselves with these little beauties.  I think that the diamond in the middle, the logo wrapping around the bottom and of course the fact that they are so brilliant looking and stylish pull the entire look together!

So guys, if you are interested in spicing up your style a little bit and getting into some fashion design, you should definitely pick up these awesome looking Versace cufflinks!


02 2009