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V-Day Jewelry — What’s Hot: 2

Christa HopeNow that we have talked about one piece that is absolutely breathtaking for this Valentine’s Day – let’s move onto necklaces shall we?  Now, I have a designer that is definitely making waves and certainly hand-crafting some of the best pieces that I have seen on the market in a long, long time.

If you are looking for jewelry that is beautiful and breathtaking, Christa Hope is the designer that you are going to want to look for.  This is just one piece that she has done and I think that it is absolutely beautiful and I would love for it to be mine!  Not only is the India Blue something I have never seen but the way she brings it to live is awesome.

Christa Hope – I just want to commend you for producing some of the best jewelry I have seen in a really long time!


02 2010

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace: Chic & Timeless!

Veronica 4 Strand Necklace Have you ever noticed that when you go into a woman’s jewelry box, there are many different styles, many different pieces and all around tons of different accessories?  One of the recent things that I found in my mother’s jewelry box actually was the Veronica 4 Strand Necklace.  This perfect necklace is one that looks so familiar to me yet so new all in the same token.  It is something that is beautiful as well.

The Veronica 4 Strand Necklace is actually multiple stands of shimmering little Czech stones paired with glass beads are what make up this beautiful piece of jewelry.  The shortest strand ranges around 18.5” and the longest strand is about 21”.

The clasp is silver and beautiful and all around, this is a must-have for nighttime activities!  The price is about $138, but it is so worth it!


09 2009

The Newest Eden-Engraved Designs: They Are Hot!


While gold is simply not my cup of tea, I could not tear my eyes away from this beautiful rainbow sapphire collection from Eden-Engraved Designs.  There are so many different cuts, different styles and definitely different colors available in this rainbow collection that was introduced just last week on

If you are looking for something different, something unique and something that will not only catch a man’s eye but will also catch a woman’s, then this is definitely the product for you.  After all, just look at these beautiful necklaces!

Now, the rainbow collection does not just extend to necklaces, there are also some beautiful rings and even bracelets that are available in this amazing collection.  So go on, give them all a try!


01 2009