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Be a Rebel with Rebel Designs!

rebel-designs-mushroom-cocktail-ringCocktail rings have long been a staple when you want to add a funky, trendy accessory to your outfit. Rebel Designs, a company based in New York City which specializes in accessories, can help you with that — not just cocktail rings, of course, but all manner of jewelry, along with belts, bags, and wallets as well.

As far as the jewelry goes, however, Rebel Designs is well known for including the ever popular Swarovski crystals, as well as fine metals and semi precious stones.

This is the Mushroom Cocktail Ring and, as you can plainly see, it is a very bold choice, while remaining absolutely gorgeous, chic, and nothing less than exquisite. It is silver and the centerpiece is a circle shaped onyx stone. Surrounding it are three rows comprised of stunning jet black crystals. However, the ring comes in many other styles as well — tiger’s eye, turquoise, mother of pearl, and carnelian.


07 2009