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JJ Singh Jewelry Will Make You Sing

jj singhThere are a whole lot of independent designers these days, not just jewelry designers, but designers of clothing, lingerie, fashion, swimwear, and various accessories as well. Jennifer Singh, also known as JJ Singh, is one of these. Her inspiration comes from ancient and old civilizations, making for pieces that are one of a kind, certainly historical, and downright stunning as well.

For example, there is unquestionably something antiquated and elegant about the JJ Singh Etruscan Signet Ring. It shows Singh’s strengths to a beautiful degree.

She loves precious metals, fabrication, clay, resin enamels, and granulation. She loves to use silver and sterling silver, plating made of 24K gold, and plenty of semi precious stones as well.

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10 2009

Versace Has Vibrant Jewelry, Too!

ver3-2When you want classic, stylish, sophisticated clothing with an edge, you turn to Versace. When you want classic, stylish, sophisticated jewelry with an edge, you go to Versace as well.

There are a lot of labels behind the Versace brand — Versace Jeans Couture, Gianni Versace Couture, plus several more. It is in Gianni Versace Couture that you can find the most exquisite jewelry you have ever seen.

I have fallen in love with this Topaz and Diamonds White Gold Ring, for instance. Usually I am not the biggest fan of topaz but I really like this, especially the way it flows with the diamonds and the white gold, which form one of my favorite combinations. The topaz is a very opulent, very decadent blue and it is accented with two Vs in perfect symmetry, complete with brilliant cut, round pave diamonds.


09 2009

The Titanium Jewelry of Wallace Chan

wallacechanring01Subtitled: If You Loved Sex in the City (The Movie), You Have to Take a Look at This.

Wallace Chan is famed for his titanium jewelry, all of which is decidedly beautiful, not to mention gorgeously crafted, exquisitely designed, and expertly rendered.

But I am particularly drawn to this piece, a flower ring from Wallace Chan. Why am I drawn to this piece? Because it is reminiscent of the ring Samantha fell in love with in the aforementioned movie — however, it is much, much more tastefully done.

I found the ring in the movie absolutely exquisite — in theory. However, I also thought it was a bit too gaudy for me to ever want to wear. The same cannot be said for the ring Chan has designed. I love everything about it. I love the detail, I love that the design aesthetic is both natural yet edgy; it is elegant and too beautiful for words.


07 2009

Rive Gauche by Jean-Louis Jewelry Is Hot This Season

Jean-Louis Jewelry Rive Gauche.  Is that a name that you know?  If you are not a jewelry buff like I am, you probably have absolutely no idea what that name is.  It is actually a brand name for some of the best jewelry in the world.  Rive Gauche Jewelry is interesting and sold only on HSN, which is not what I watch all that often, but I might now that I know it is just sold there – I’m an internet chick, I look everything up on the web.  What makes this particular jewelry so interesting is the fact that it is made with Technibond.

What is Technibond?  It is actually a patented gold plating process that every single Rive Gauche piece of jewelry goes through.  Basically, it consists of about 40mm of 18K gold bonded with some sterling silver to make this beautiful lighter gold color that looks awesome.  Each and every piece of this jewelry that is sold off of HSN has a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about it!

So this is just one example of an HSN piece – you should look up some more, because they truly are worth the money spent!


06 2009