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Vera Wang Jewelry: It’s Incredible Looking!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is one of those designers that has not been around for a while but she seems like she has been around for a while.  While her bridal gowns are extremely sought after and she is absolutely incredible with a needle and thread, when she decided to try her hand at jewelry making – well, I was skeptical at first but now that I actually see some of her work, I can definitely appreciate the fact that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Take this beautiful piece that is filled with glass pearls, tulle and a ribbon tie.  This is a fantastic match for any one of those bridal gowns that she has and I think that Vera is going to stick in the bridal scene.  That seems to be her trademark and she is definitely good at it!

This is wedding season ladies, if you want something unique and different – Vera has you covered from head to toe now!


05 2009

Lemon Quartz: Doesn’t It Look Great?

Zina 18K White Gold Lemon Quartz & Khaki Topaz Ring

One thing that I love about jewelry is that there truly are so many different styles available and you truly can find something for everyone – take this beautiful ring for example.  This ring is something that is not only beautiful in every possible way but it is also extremely rare.  For those of you that do not know, this ring actually has lemon quartz in it and lemon quartz alone is extremely rare to find … anywhere.

Now of course, there is not just lemon quartz on I, there is also a khaki topaz as well as quite a few diamonds and white gold.  Personally, I love white gold.  I think that it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and I think that yellow gold is just overrated all over the place.

So what are you looking for this anniversary?  Well guys, I think your lady will like this piece right here – it’s only $930.00!


05 2009

H. Stern: This Jewelry Is Impeccable!

H. Stern

Whenever I think about H. Stern, the very first thought that usually comes to my mind is ‘damn, he’s good’.  All of his jewelry is absolutely incredible and these rings honestly, do not give the rest of his collection justice, but they are beautiful!  H. Stern, for those of you that do not know is a Brazilian jeweler and he has actually just released his latest collection.

The Star collection is all sorts of different pieces that have the same Stern Star cut in them.  This cut of a diamond is absolutely breathtaking and I know that it actually lets the diamond refract light in a way that seems almost similar to a real, live star!

So if you want different and exciting, you should take a look at H. Stern!  He’s the best in everything that he does!


05 2009

Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 4

Engagement rings

Finally, after you have done everything from sketching out your budget to figuring out which style she wants, you now have to figure out the cut of the diamond.  You definitely want to get a diamond that is going to look incredible on her finger and that is going to sparkle and shine in the sun.

This is where more research comes in … you definitely want to make sure that wherever you are getting the ring from that they let you know the clarity of the diamond that you are getting in the ring.  Or heck, if you even want to go with a diamond.  There are tons of gemstones out there that look beautiful and that many brides are prefer over a diamond.

Times have changed nowadays and you really just need to find something that is perfect for your blushing bride.  Just remember, the engagement ring is very … very important you certainly do not want something that is going to be bad looking on your girls finger.


04 2009

Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 3

Vintage Ring

After you have figured out your budget, the next step is going to be choosing the setting.  This is going to be the hard part as there really are a whole lot of different settings.  This is another thing that you are going to have to research but to be honest, hint around with your girlfriend about it.  Ask her what rings she likes and heck, you could even take her jewelry shopping and casually head over to the engagement ring area.

The ring style is going to be one of the most important things as this is going to be something that she is going to be wearing all of the time.  You certainly do not want something that looks like it came out of a gumball machine and you do not want a diamond that she can barely see right?

After you decide on the style  … there is still more guys.  See!  Told you there is a lot to know whenever you are getting an engagement ring!


04 2009

Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 2

All right, now that you have decided to pop the question, the next thing that you are doing to want to do, is figure out your budget.  Honestly, engagement rings do not grow on trees and most of the time, they are super expensive, so you definitely want to make sure that you find the right engagement ring for the right price.

This is where you researching nose should come in handy.  Making sure that you are finding the best possible deal in the world is something that should be pretty easy.  Make sure that you utilize the internet as much as possible, that way you can definitely ensure that you are getting the very best deal.

What a lot of men do not know is that the rule of thumb when it comes to engagement rings is that you should want to spend upwards of two months salary on an engagement ring.  Personally, I would not do that and I would put a cap on the ring of about $2,000.00, but that is just me.  More to come!


04 2009

Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring: Make Her Smile! Part 1

Diamond Engagement Ring

What many men do not know about engagement rings is that many women have been dreaming about their engagement ring all of their lives.  There should be a process that is followed and for most men, this process is not followed.  It is wedding time guys and if you still have not popped the question, it is that time of year again.

This time though, you should arm yourself with some knowledge in the engagement ring department and make sure that you know everything there is to know about what makes an engagement ring super special and what you should look for to make your blushing bride say yes!

In the next few blogs we really are going to explore some of the best ways to make your engagement ring special for her and for you and what you really should keep in mind whenever you are picking out said engagement ring.  Please stay tuned guys, its coming up!


04 2009

De Grisogono: One More Post!


Okay folks, so I had to do one more ring so you can see just how kick ass this designer really is; not only was that other ring something of complete and utter beauty, but this ring right here – oh man, it is definitely breathtaking. 

One thing about De Grisogono is the fact that he loves … love customer jewelry.  The bigger the better and while most people can not carry it off, if you can, you should!

This piece is absolutely and positively breathtaking and I swear, if I had enough money to get myself one of these beautiful gems I would.  So if you have the money – get yourself one!


04 2009

De Grisogono: This Designer Kicks Butt!

De Grisogono

Whenever I am looking for something unique, especially in the way of jewelry, I turn to De Grisogono.  Seriously, google this guy and you will see all sorts of jewelry that you will never, ever see anywhere else and to be honest, I like that part of it. 

It is one thing to design jewelry and do it well but it is quite another to design jewelry that no one else in the world can really match.  Really – can you match that beautiful ring?  Probably not!

De Grisogono is by far one of the most unique jewelers out there and really, even as I am staring at the ring I am posting here, I have to say that it really does not do him justice.  There are so many other pieces out there but this one is by far one of the most different pieces.  So check him out!


04 2009

Gucci Rings: They Are Hot!


Personally, I did not think that Gucci’s talent would move over to the jewelry aisle, but here we are ladies and gentlemen … this ring is absolutely beautiful and it is definitely a statement.  Whenever you are wearing Gucci, there really is something to be said about you and certainly something that you are doing right.  Gucci is by far, the best of the best in the fashion world and if you walk around flashing this beautiful Gucci ring, you will definitely make a statement.

Whenever you get anything that is Gucci, it is a statement but generally, you can not wear your wallet on your finger for everyone to see.  Now, you can make a louder statement by flashing that you have an official Gucci ring at your disposal!

So now that you see the ring, what do you people think about it?  I think it is beautiful, but that’s just my opinion … leave me a comment with some options!


03 2009