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Jardin Jewelry Is Just to Die For!

jardinJardin Jewelry is well known for putting out pieces which are inspired by some of the most stunning European designs around, as well as the current trends in jewelry. The ICE collection, for example, is simply to die for, featuring pieces made with sterling silver and high quality stones, in addition to Austrian crystals that are almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

The pieces are made in a way that mimics the making of fine jewelry, but the prices are much, much more affordable.

That is how you could purchase these gorgeous Jardin Silver Cubic Zirconia Pave Teardrop Earrings. Now, I know, I know, cubic zirconia is not something a lot of jewelry lovers like to think about, but look at how gorgeous these earrings are — and they retail for just about a hundred dollars!


10 2009

Timeless Silver Jewelry For Men!

Mens JewelryWhen you think about it – men do not have a whole lot of options in the world for jewelry.  While I know that men … celebrities at least have a lot of choices, they are usually too expensive for the modern man and that is the main reason why men do not buy jewelry.  Well, there are truly a lot of pieces out there that many guys don’t know about and one of them is this stainless steel dog tag.

Dog tags are something that are very in style right now for guys and they are something that are never – ever going to go out of style either.  Personally, I love a guy that wears a silver dog tag; it makes them look a little dangerous and certainly perks my interest a little bit.

If you are looking for dog tags, just look them up online – you can find them pretty much anywhere and they are ever-so-chic!


09 2009