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The Titanium Jewelry of Wallace Chan

wallacechanring01Subtitled: If You Loved Sex in the City (The Movie), You Have to Take a Look at This.

Wallace Chan is famed for his titanium jewelry, all of which is decidedly beautiful, not to mention gorgeously crafted, exquisitely designed, and expertly rendered.

But I am particularly drawn to this piece, a flower ring from Wallace Chan. Why am I drawn to this piece? Because it is reminiscent of the ring Samantha fell in love with in the aforementioned movie — however, it is much, much more tastefully done.

I found the ring in the movie absolutely exquisite — in theory. However, I also thought it was a bit too gaudy for me to ever want to wear. The same cannot be said for the ring Chan has designed. I love everything about it. I love the detail, I love that the design aesthetic is both natural yet edgy; it is elegant and too beautiful for words.


07 2009

Wallace Chan Takes on Nature

wallacechanring01Just lately in the jewelry world, many designers have been turning to nature for inspiration. Not only are we seeing flowers and trees, but we are seeing butterflies and moths, as well as some of the — seemingly — less attractive insects in nature, such as flies.

You might be thinking that a fly would make an ugly piece of jewelry or that a mere flower would be unspeakably boring, then you have not seen the designs of Hong Kong’s famed gem engraver, Wallace Chan. He is well known for actually carving portraits right inside of gemstones, and he is no less unique and distinct with his new jewelry collection.

The collection utilizes titanium which has been both cast and carved; Chan uses it to recreate aspects of nature. Despite the fact that titanium is a somewhat difficult metal, Chan’s pieces are very light. Not only that, but the detail found in them is painstaking and breathtaking — as you can clearly see here.


06 2009